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We would like to support Motiv8 in raising awareness about what they are doing and the impact they have.

by Motiv8 in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom

Opening Statement:

We are a group of International Business students at the University of Hertfordshire that created this crowdfunding campaign for the social enterprise Motiv8. From personal experience we understand that teenage years can be a pivotal period in somebody’s life. This time is crucial in building the foundation of study and work ethics that will pave the road ahead ensuring students have the best start in achieving their full potential as they flourish into young adults.

Motiv8 was founded in 2016 by Jodeci Joseph after he suffered from social anxiety and vowed to do everything he could to prevent others from going through the same difficulties that he endured during his teenage years. Once the project came to life, participating members have demonstrated improved attendance, more positive attitude towards studying, higher motivation with regard to their future as well as better social integration and improved skills in dealing with psychological difficulties. Motiv8 has since helped students in few local schools, but they are hoping to have a wider reach to achieve a greater impact.

We are looking for your support towards raising our £500 goal to aid the training costs as Motiv8 speakers should be professionally qualified to be eligible to deliver the Programme to school children. With your help they would be able to continue to expand the support they offer and transform the social foundation of young people, turning our future generations into the best versions of themselves possible.

About Motiv8:

Motiv8 was started as part of the Enactusprogramme in which university students volunteer to set up social enterprises to help local communities and address social challenges. Inspired by personal experiences of being a teenager, the company grew from a side project initiated by a team of 3 people to a full-time charitable organisation of 40 members that has worked with 4 schools in Hertfordshire and, using social media, have reached over to 50,000 people online with the empowering motivational videos.

The Motiv8 Programme is unique and specially-designed because it is based on extensive research, preparatory work and has been continuously using evidence from psychology and social sciences. Motiv8 are currently in the process of getting it copyrighted. Moreover, the Programme is entirely run by University students, who are volunteering to be part of the team, sharing its values and aspirations.

The team are working with young people aged 14-16 years old, who are exposed to increased pressures of GCSE’S, and particularly with those who experience difficulties at school. Motiv8 help the most vulnerable group of pupils, who are demotivated, on the edge of leaving school, facing behavioural problems, struggling with socialising, not coping with the school environment, lacking ambition, and not meeting grade targets. The project aims to increase young people’s confidence and social skills through a five-week interactive Programme. Each letter in the company’s name stands for a different session which encompasses the message the organisation wants to portray.

Motiv8 are looking to increase the number of volunteers delivering the Programme to be able to reach out to more pupils. They are currently in the process of trying to join two new schools in the Hertfordshire area. In addition, Motiv8 are aspired to widen their target market, and work with younger children (under the age of 14) in the future too.

The Mission (Why we need help):


Motiv8 do not just want to provide some motivation which will fade out after a few days or weeks, they aim to teach techniques on how to handle stress and difficult situations. This money would allow them to train more staff and arrange transport to schools where they can provide professional help to young people during the most stressful period of their teenage years.

Personal testimonies include one girl who did not want to attend school because she had incredibly low self-esteem. She struggled to keep the minimum 80% attendance but after participating in the Motiv8 Programme, her attendance went over 97%. Over the two years that Motiv8 have delivered their Programme, 12 students who were on the verge of exclusion have finished school, with 10 of them remaining to attend the sixth form.

Motiv8 are thinking of also recruiting A-level students into their volunteering team to deliver the Programme to their younger mates. However, to provide the best quality service they need training, which comes at a price. Therefore, we are asking for your support for Motiv8 team to develop and grow, so that they are able to help more teenagers that are going through hardships, not just in school, but in general.

How will the money be spent?


Motiv8 are looking to contact an external organisation to deliver a professional development training to its members to enhance their skills, which would allow the team to acquire the essential qualifications and provide a better service to teenagers. The training programme will last 5 weeks (two hours a week of training and one hour reviewing the slides). The cost of the training is £500 which is why we would like to hit the target, so they can at least provide one round of training to the current members.

The Social Purpose of Motiv8

The surveyconducted by UK researchers found that 82% of young people reported having signs or symptoms related to mental health. The main sources of stress indicated by secondary children are exams and choosing their career paths.

Half of all cases of adult mental illness start by the age of 14, and it is important they are diagnosed and treated early. Dr Praveetha Patalay said that teenagers, and particularly girls, were facing more mental health difficulties than the previous generation. There are many factors that could be contributing to that, such as exam stress and worries about one’s body image.

Cat (Student nurse who had mental health issues) believes that teenagers are struggling with mental health issues because of the influence of social media. “There is also pressuring to do well at school, get a good job, be financially stable – but at the end of the day, they’re just children”.

Here are some of the responses from children facing exam stress:

· “GCSEs have been a horrible experience. I have suffered from panic attacks and a high increase in anxiety. It’s quite scary how as a student I find it normal to see my peers break down in lessons as they are scared of what’s going to happen to them in the future if they fail.”

· “I have seen the mentally toughest people crack and it’s painful to watch. People crying over being unable to do a maths question.”

Demand for specialist services is growing but child and adolescent mental health teams are overstretched and turn away nearly a quarter of the young patients referred to them, says the National Children’s Bureau. By Motiv8 being able to deliver their sessions to teenagers at schools, it will help decrease the number of patients that search for specialist services to begin with.

What Motiv8 have achieved so far!

Student Participant Quotes:


“Showed me I can be someone and should value myself”

“Made me more confident about taking exams and about myself”

“Motiv8 made me think that I can achieve something big in life”

“It was useful because it made me want to achieve my goals”

“It taught me to always look forward and achieve my goals”

Feedback from participating schools:


The students that were chosen are known to be very challenging throughout the academy, but Jodeci and Kirsty were able to break down their barriers to learning and kept them engaged throughout all of the sessions. The manner with which Jodeci and Kirsty interacted with the group was exemplary, resulting in the students requesting more sessions and a follow up in the new academic term. 


The service has been fantastic and easy. The Motiv8 team have been nothing but professional and reliable. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found them beneficial with helping them become more confident and motivated. The team were always on time, didn’t need any assistance from staff and brought all the resources needed for the sessions.

Thank you, from the team:

Thank you so much for taking time to read about Motiv8’s mission and we would be so grateful for any donations that are made! In addition, we must say a special thank you to Motiv8 themselves and their founder Jodeci Joseph for helping us with providing footage for the video campaign, information that we needed to represent Motiv8’s crowdfunding page and for being generous with his time and happily answering any questions that we had!