Mother died a few days after birth

Mother died a few days after birth

To raise money for Dannie,his wife passed away a few days after giving birth. He is now left with 3children who are 6week,2years and 4years.

We did it!

On 5th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £860 with 28 supporters in 28 days

My Husband and I have a friend who we have known for 7+ years,(local Ghanaian) who's wife died from pneumonia a few days after giving birth to their baby boy. He has always been helpful to us, very loyal and trust worthy. After seeing him this morning (7th June 2017) and hearing his story about his 6week old son and 2 daughters his wife left behind I want to try and help in anyway possible. We have already personally given him what we can ( For funeral expenses), and I have promised to help gather up as much as i can in terms of milk,pampers, etc. I would really appreciate if any of you reading this would help donate some money so it can give him a head start with his new baby and motherless kids. No amount is too little!! The crowed fund doesnt allow me to put money in foreign currency so I had to use POUNDS. The amount of pounds we are asking for is equivalent to around 5000Ghana cedies. I havent uploaded a picture because I dont know what to. If anyone I know personally wants to know more about this situation before donating please dont hesitate to ask me.

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