Mother Christmas

by Sarah Dixon in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

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Mother Christmas is coming to share gifts with children and adults - an alternative to Father Christmas. Hear the she comes!

by Sarah Dixon in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Mother Christmas is setting out for this Christmas season - this is performance art which can occur in any place around Christmas time, where people are gathered. Mother Christmas is a strange mismatched mythic creature, part Siberian shaman, part circus act, part quack, part hippie, and more, she wears a red cloak lined with many pockets. In each pocket you may encounter a gift. These are not the plastic gewgaws of Father Christmas in his grotto, and they are not exclusively for children. Indeed anyone may encounter a gift from Mother Christmas, also known as Mama Santa, or Nana Claus. There may be a shell, or a little scroll of paper with a message of cheer or warning, a blessing or a penny. The gifts will often be collected by Mama Santa from those who wish to give, they will fill her pockets with nonsense and notes, and recipients can pick-a-pocket and discover their fortune. She may ask you to cross her palm with silver, like an old gypsy-woman. She will dream for you and whisper ancient wisdom in your ear. She comes once a year, in the darkest hour, bearing gifts. Hear the shaker, here she comes, its MOTHER CHRISTMAS... Funding is needed to bring her to life with costume, community sewing sessions, gifts and trinkets for the public, and development creative time. The greater the funding the more outings she can make, and the better her costume, the greater her gifts, There will be an open workshop to help make her cloak of many pockets, and other meetups to share gifts of the community that she will distribute. If you would like Nana Santa to attend an event please get in touch, and if you would like to come to a making or giving session also.

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