Mother & Child want their life back.

Mother & Child want their life back.

The goal is to raise funds in order for us to rebuild our lives. Enslaved, beaten, robbed and abused, we just want to go home. Please.

We did it!

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Project aim

The goal is to raise funds in order for us to get our life back. Enslaved, beaten, robbed and abused we just want to go home. Please.

About the project

Hi, my name is Ana. Thank you in advance for reading.


PLEASE SHARE THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE + and other Social Media tools, it will really help. Because of the gravity of the events I have suspended all my personal social media profiles. And my "friends" left with my ex.  


In 2012, I lived in upstate New York with my adorable little boy, I had a successful small Jewellery Business, I had a very large house and a brand new SUV. Life was good. Normal and peaceful. I was designing and selling my pieces at local art shows, pop up shops, galleries and local boutiques.


Then, in February 2012, I met a Britishman, I will refer to him as MJ, because I don't believe in revenge.


MJ captivated me with his looks and British masculinity and humour. He was kind and sweet, and asked me to move to England because he wanted to marry me and be a father to my son. After a period of consideration, and many love letters from MJ, in August that same year, I decided to take the plunge, afterall, all I ever wanted was to have a family, to continue with my business, succeed in all I do with my art, help my son achieve his dreams, and make a difference in the lives of as many people I can reach, in this world gone wrong.


I gave away practically everything I had, EVERYTHING. I sold my brand new SUV for almost nothing and came to London to marry "the man of my dreams" . Once in London, the nightmare started. MJ started drinking, he would have these multiple personality events, like he was ok now and then in five minutes, someone would say something and he would just snap and become extremely violent and dangerous. For months and months he would have these episodes, and I worked with him to try and help him as much as I could. I would sit for hours and listen to him mumbling how the people at work hated him and wanted to destroy him, how he wanted to kill his boss. And every single time, he would end up falling asleep from drunkeness and not remember a thing in the morning. I felt very sorry for him. I did love him, a lot, but in the begining, but then the love turned into compassion, because it was clear he needed help and was seriously disturbed.


The drinking worsened after about a year, and MJ started drinking then uncontrollably, hitting me, breaking my things, on a daily rampage of violence and insanity. He many times threatened to set the house on fire while me and my son were asleep, he stole my car ( A Mercedes Benz SUV ) and made me lie to the police, saying if I told them that he was the one who stole it, he would kill me. He totalled my car and received the money from the insurance company and gave me only part of it. He took my father's inheritance, in August 2013 and in March 2014, my grandfather's inheritance thousands upon thousands upon thousands, all my life savings and every other money I have made since I moved here. And he never married me. 


Finally, in August 2014, after he destroyed my second car ( Peugeot 307 brand new ), grabbed me by the hair and threw me on the floor and started hitting me, tried to kill me with a screw driver and kidnapped me, I broke up with him and permanently removed him from my house. As he would not leave me alone, texting me over 300 times in one night, driving back and forth around my house, I felt obligated to leave London. I feared for my life to be honest. He was completely out of his mind. He would not accept being without me. I needed time to regroup, and recover from all the abuse and torment and violence I suffered those 2 terrible years. So, I decided to relocate to South Yorkshire. It was believed to be less expensive and peaceful, and I thought I could recover fiancially and emotionally from everything and start over. And I thought since it was so far from London, MJ would leave me alone.


However, it didn't happen. MJ came after me. He found me on Whatsapp and moved to same city I am in. Since December 2014, he has been chasing me around town, controlling my steps, tormenting me constantly, sending insurmountable amounts of texts etc and etc. My house has also been "misteriously" burgled in the meantime.  


Professionally and financially speaking, as I mentioned, I design and hand make jewellery and accessories. The market in South Yorkshire is not like London and the volume is much lesser and sporadic. As a means of support, I have a small pension, from my deceased father, however, it is very small and not enough to support me and my son anymore and we are in great financial difficulty. In order for me to sell my art, I would have to constantly travel to London, and do art and crafts shows etc, not only these cost money, the cost of petrol, hotel, food and etc is prohibitive, plus very exhausting for my little boy. I 


So, me and my little boy just want to go home. Please help us go home. We want to go back to upstate New York and start our lives over. Now is the perfect time, because school is on summer break and my little boy will not miss any days of school if we are able to go now and arrive back in the US before school starts again in September or within the first days.


The amount I have asked for here is the minimum I need to be able to do that. My expenses will be: tickets for me and my little boy, ticket for our little dog, his vaccinations and documentation, cargo fees for our belongings, port and etc fees, transport and removal fees for cargo as well, money to rent a modest apartment or house for us there, paying deposit, agency fees, and 2 to 3 months rent in advance in order for me to have time to organize doing shows and selling my jewellery again, money to buy beds, mattresses, and basic home needs, money for food and general arrival expenses of setting a life back up again. This amount has totalled £15,966.57 . Because of the fees charged for this campaign and the exchange rate fluctuations and how the price of cargo increases from one week to the next without notice I rounded it up to £17k . 


I don't want you to see me like a victim. I don't want to come accross like one either. Yes I need your help, desperately, but I don't want to be seen as a victim. Something bad happened to me. I got knocked down. I got up, and now is time to rebuild! Will you help us rebuild?


In the meantime, I believe, the seed of compassion and unconditional love I planted these 3 years, will somehow spring up a harvest of compassion and unconditional love towards me and my little boy, and surely we will be able to restore our lives and go home to live in peace again. 


Thank you very much for reading. And thank you very much for helping us rebuild!

God bless you!


Much love,


Ana and little John ( and even tinier puppy ) :) 




I have made available these three necklaces as rewards, for £50 pledges or more. I made 6 keychains and 6 light/fan pulleys available as rewards for £10 & £20 pledges. Please remember to write your name on the comments with the item you would like corresponding to your pledge amount. At the end of this campaign being successful. you will receive your selected piece. Thank you for your generosity. Good luck! 

The Jardin Necklace - £182

This divine matinee is 100% handmade. Designed with luxurious Cape Amethyst, intense Aragonite gemstones, Sterling Silver, glass beads and Swarovsky Crystals. A must have this Summer.


The Amelia Necklace - £289

This stunning necklace is designed entirely with Quartz and intricately hand crafted Sterling Silver beads. It has a Sterling Silver Filigree toggle in the shape of a flower and it will look glorious on you! As with all my jewellery, this is a one of a kind piece.


The Cecilias Necklace - £121

The intricately designed and hand crafted Bali Silver bicone beads add an elegant finish to the translucent Sea Opal Glass beads and Blue Aventurine gemstones which comprise this beautifully handmade matinee necklace. The Sterling Silver Filigree Toggle Clasp is delicately crafted in the shape of a flower.



 Keychain Venezia - £17.50 - Keychain Example + 5 other designs


Light Pull #19 - £37.50 - Light Pull example plus 5 other designs.

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