Mosque IT System

Mosque IT System

Cloud based Mosque Management System . Self Regulating mechanism. Gift Aid Module increases contribution by 25% to mosques.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

It has long been said that the silent Muslim Majority has NOT done to contain the problems which has been inadvertently attributed to Islam and the Muslims. Initially, progressive Muslims ignored this issue as the problems were normally caused by people who were not followers of the faith and it was fuelled by the propoganda of the right wing neo-con. The attitude was the right-wing will definitely find something to pick on so why bother. The situation is coming closer to the possibility of another holocaust in the making and thus there is a need for the silent majority to stand up and do something. Currently, the silent majority has never been concerned of who runs the mosques as in Islam the relationship is direct between believer and God. This attitude of not being concerned of the Mosque Managment has to change and we need to have a system of corporate governance and transparency of the mosques. We need to remove the veil on the operation of the mosques. As one caller to LBC said even if there is a 1% chance of terrorsist recruiters the damage is enormous.

In this regard, this project aims to set up a Mosque Managment System that will be offered free to the Mosques in UK. 

To build a web portal-like presence on the internet, mobile-apps, Internet of Things (IOT) providing the essential services that Mosques, Madrasahs and Charities ( Mosques) can use to carry out their core operations. Simultaneously providing a self policing and self regulating mechanism to ensure compliance and transparency of the operations.

Profiling of the Management Committee members and guest speakers with back-ground check of those in charge of running the mosques will be a critical feature.

Webcasting of the proceedings with English subtitles both where the mosques provide accesss through their cameras and by users using the smart phones ( albeit after some editing and reviewing the resolution) - this may cost more and will be done based on a stretch limit. 

Development Phases

                  Functionality Requirement Gathering

                  System Architecture & System Design

                  High Level Design using Wire Frame Diagrams

                  Program Requirement Specification

                  Development Phase

                  Unit Tested Code

                  Integrated Final Deliverables

                  User Acceptance Testing

                  Acceptance Passed Build

                  Production Deployment

                  Training & Live Support

Key feature to attract the mosques are by channeling the donations through Gift Aid which is an inegral part of the project. Donating through Gift Aid means charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1. Thus the mosques with a GBP 1,000 collection per week will benefit GBP 250/ - and thus it is expected to be widely popular in acceptance. Meanwhile, we will be able to establish the system of governance, transparency and self regulation.