Moseley in Lights

We want to add some life and colour this winter to our village street and lamp posts. We need to raise £6500 for 16 lamp post decorations and a fun family switch on event, bringing businesses and residents together to celebrate all we love about the place in which we live.

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2013 we successfully raised £970 of £850 target with 52 supporters in 28 days

Moseley's links with North American large mammals goes back to the Domesday book where it was listed as Museley. Of course this could also be a reference to breakfast cereal but the local history society thinks otherwise.

These days Moseley's economy is struggling a little but it's attraction to the world of elks continues. Our mascot Maddox the Moose is returning home after a long exile in the dusty northern attics of the Prince of Wales.

We want to give him a huge surprise. Instead of the long, dark, dismal, unlit Christmases of the past few years we want a show to make Maddox and all Moseley folk proud of our village in a city and an event to bring businesses and residents  into the street to celebrate together. 

Christmas lights in our city must be hired from the council. Each lamp post motif costs between £285 to £350 for installation, power and maintenence. For SIXTEEN lamp post lights spread through the village we need to raise £4950 

The mainly small & independent businesses of Moseley have already donated enough for EIGHT lamp post lights as well as time, materials and support for our fund raising gig and our switch on event.

Moseley Farmers Market has kindly sponsored our tree and lights on the green at a cost of £1030


Our lights switch on event will be on Thursday 5th December between 4pm and 10pm. We are planning a great fun family event with food, arts and crafts, local choirs, church bells, musicians, street entertainment and a childrens' Christmas trail through the village. Many people are donating time and effort to make this happen and Moseley legend Ranking Roger will be pressing the red button light switch.

We still need to raise £3000 for the lights and event. As residents ourselves, we don't think businesses should bare all of the costs. Businesses and residents are a community working together. Lets celebrate where we live and work and light up Moseley this Christmas!

Please help us build a lasting legacy of amazing Moosely Moseley Christmases and show the world how much we love our village in a city!

£850 = THREE lamp post lights in the village



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