I am desperately seeking help from anyone who is willing to help and support me in trying to be mortgage free.

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 I am desperately seeking help from anyone who is willing to help and support me in trying to be mortgage free.


It'snot easy asking for help because my pride and ego has gone and I have always been proud and determine to make it on my own.

Unfortunatley cirumstances in life has made me view the way in which this new generation of young people are suffering.  I have experienced in the last 6 months 3 members of my family and 2 friends suffered and died of Cancer, all females, leaving their children behind.  The children age range between 19 and 28 and I've seen and experience all the difficulties that they had to face with the financial situation of the aftermath of dealing with their home life.  The mothers that had passed were all under 52, which is quite young. Certain financial situation was not put in place for their children, in other words no life insurance or will. leaving them in devastaton.


I am not sure what will happen to me in the near future, as I had a plan in which I would love to be mortgage free by the time I am 50, so that my daughter will be able to live in her home should in case anything happens to me and would not have to face any financial problems in having to leave her home in wich she lives with me.  Unfortunately I am not in the best of health right now, this of course being unexpected and I am struggling financially, this being due to being laid off from my job and I'm not in a position to work because of my health deteriorating. I am so sad and feel I am at the lowest point in my life. My aim to pay off my mortgage by the time I am 50 has been put on hold as I cannot find any way of keeping up th payments and I am now in a desperate situation where I have to find help from anyone who is willing and can afford to spare any amount of money to help me, even if it;s a £1.00 I will appreciate it.


I am concerned as a mother about the young generation of this society, I speak to quite a few girls and boys in their 20's and 30's and they all have the same sad view of how they wish they can have a home of their own, but can't afford it, and it looks like they have to live their  parent/s until they are in the 40's.  I am aware not everyone has a mortgage but if I can at least know in my heart, that if anything should happen to me.  I would love to know that I  have at least made a sacrifice in knowing that my daughter won't be struggling for the rest of life, and that she would be able to help her cousins and friends, should they be in a situation where they have no where to live.


I am begging you please to help if you can. I would appreciate any form of contribution.  £49,450.00 is the balance of my mortgage.  If this is not possible for you to help, I still appreciate you taking the time to read this, as I really and honestly don't know which way to go.  I haven't got a picture of my house to dsiplay but it just an ordinary house. 


My aim has always been to help other people with the same idea as me. To help young people have a start in life to be independent and have their own home.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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