A 30 minute coming of age, psychological thriller (set in the afterlife) which follows the journey of a young man who wasted his life.

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I believe that there are far too many people, especially younger generations, who are wasting their lives. Far too many who don't pursue their dreams or are unwilling to even find a dream, aspire to something. Technology has moved society to rely on instant gratification. For if we can always get distracted, then we need never reflect too long on our selves. It is my belief that such stagnation would explain the increasing number of people who find themselves depressed. As someone who works hard and enthusiastically to achieve their own dream (of being a director), I wanted to make a film about this. A film that would act as a bit of a wake-up and call to action for those who are watching it. One that would make one ask themselves:

                                                                                     'Am I living my life to the fullest?'


A young man named Daniel finds himself in purgatory awaiting judgement. He can’t remember who he is, but soon comes to realise his predicament. When an embodiment of Death appears before him, telling him that though he is dead, there is a way for him to return to the world of the living, he does as anyone would do and accepts. To return to life he will have to relive painful memories and discover the truth of how he got there. But, it won’t be so simple. He’ll have to survive the Forsaken souls of the dead, escape from his prowling deadly sin and most challenging of all, overcome the weakness of his own character.

About Us

We are a group of 2nd year Film Production students at The University of Salford, based in the heart of Media City UK. We are ambitious, enthusiastic people who decided to look for some funding to pull off our latest project: 'Vivet'. We each have our own specialist areas as well as a range of experience on previous short films. 


Equipment used:

  • Panasonic Varicam LT and support kit ( Body with Viewfinder and Screen. Support Kit consisting of two Swit batteries, Grip arm, Charger and P2 Card reader)
  • Panasonic DC-GH5M camera kit
  • Samyang 5 prime lens case (14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm)
  • 4 Head Dedo lighting kit (4 x Lamps & Power Supplies. 2 x Silver domes. 4 x Gel Packs and 4 x Light Shield Rings)
  • Atomos Ninja 2 kit (Ninja 2 Monitor, HDMI Cable, Battery and 500 GB SSD)
  • Rode NTG 3 Microphone with Blimp and  Rode NTG 2 Gun Microphone
  • DJI Ronin Gimbal R-16 kit
  • E-Image Sliders 
  •  E-Image Tripods
  • E-Image Jib
  • Sennheiser Wireless G3 Radio Microphone
  • Zoom F8 Multitrack Field Recorder with Mains, Stand and 4 XL-2 TA3-F to XLR-M Cables
  • Zoom H4N Pro Audio Recorder with wind jammer, USB cable, Splitter and Mains adapter
  • Velvet Panel Light (Panel Light, Barn Doors, Mains Cable and V-lock Battery)
  • Reflectors
  • Other accessories (track, dollies etc.) 

We will be using a range of high-end equipment to help achieve a professional film standard. This includes things such as tracks and dolly, lighting and sound recording equipment, as well as a lovely selection of prime lenses. The cameras we will be using are the Panasonic DC-GH5M and Varicam LT. The film often takes place in dark environments including some that are near pitch black; the Varicam's capacity to film in the dark is exceptional with it's variable native ISO of 800 and 5000. The Varicam however is bulky and battery intensive, while the GH5 is far more versatile and lightweight, meaning it is more practical for normal lighting situations and for use in the DJI Ronin Gimbal. The cameras also have a matching colour space, ensuring consistency.

How Your Pledge Will Help

To get this project to reach it's maximum potential, we will need your support. While we already have a lot of equipment, there are plenty of other things that need financing. 

1. Actor's Expenses

We want our actors to be top notch, meaning reliable and able to deliver both powerful and more subtle performances.  While we can't afford to outright pay for professional actors, we are looking for upcoming actors who are willing to work in return for covering: travel expenses and providing catering. This will likely be the most cost intensive aspect of the film, but should be well worth it.

2. Practical Effects

The film moves from the dreamy reality of Daniel's memories to the realm of purgatory. Practical/Special effects will be a big part of pulling off the themes of the two places. So far we need the finance for the following items:

  • Smoke Machine
  • Dry Ice Machine
  • Fan
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Boat set
  • 'Exploding door'
  • Rain machine

3. Costume and Props

While most of the characters will be wearing ordinary clothes, many others will not. The following characters will require more elaborate attire: 

  • Death
  • Charon (boat man of the river Styx)
  • Sloth (the deadly sin)
  • The Forsaken (the tormented souls of the dead who could not move on from their mortal lives).

4. Locations/Set Design/Travel

Our film is set in both purgatory and explores  some of the key memories of the main character. Meaning we will be needing a lot of places and travelling there with equipment may prove challenging. The cost of hiring certain locations as well as travel expenses will be part of our budget.

  • Purgatory - We will mainly be using the interior of abandoned building to represent purgatory. We opted against graveyards and the like; after all, graveyards are for the living, abandoned buildings are not.
  • Daniel's Memories - These are mainly mundane everyday places, however we want authenticity. This means locations will need to be scouted and modified to reflect his life and character.

5. Rewards

Check out our rewards for pledges! (which will obviously need funding so we can provide them)

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