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The world is in crisis. I aim to create things to make you smile and remember the beauty in nature through sustainable things to cherish.

by Emily Reader in Cutnall Green, England, United Kingdom

My Story

Hi my name's Emily (this is me)

I am an individual maker, nature and animal lover. I've been vegan and interested in sustainability since school but its taken a few wild twists and turns to get me onto my current path!

I began by studying Printed Textiles at University, then as soon as I graduated I moved to Japan! There lived for 6 years and helped to teach young children art and beginning a magical journey of discovery into just how powerful created things can be - and impact someone, in japan design is everything! 

Moriko (森子) is a Japanese girls name made of Two Kanji - Mori 森 (Forest) and Ko 子 (child)

I want my art to connect with people and the beautiful world around, whilst combing a youthfulness that relates us back to our inner child. Most importantly I want it to not leave a trace or conscience behind it.  

Since moving to the UK me and my husband both currently live right out in the countryside with my parents (a massive change from Tokyo) and I've felt like I needed to create my own path - hence begin make my creations a business! 

During my time in Japan I really connected with the time and effort that goes into traditional crafts, to create things that are really special and unique. There it seemed less possessions and taking deeper care of them was a high prevalence. 

I feel as a global community we have become lost - since returning to the UK it has become ever apparent that we are beyond crisis point with how much we consume and the way in which we do it. 

I decided I wanted to start creating by using the most recycled and eco materials possible - to bring to life the inspirations from children I have taught and of nature I have explored across this beautiful planet. 

I wanted to find a way to use my drawings and ideas to make things that are both useful and bring a smile to your day. I began my business late last year with original handmade fabric pouches and cards - started from my paintings...

 ...and then designed them into patterns onto organic cotton printed here in the UK....

Then I started moving on to delicate handmade creatures and rabbits (please note not toys - aimed to be a unique piece to add to your home and a smile to your face :) ) and small accessories all entirely handmade with locally sourced, organic and recycled materials. 

I finally made a website and started going to small local craft shows!

I am now at The Fold, Worcester and Craft & Flea Birmingham

However, due to the higher upfront cost of organic materials I need your help to grow, support the smaller suppliers I use and attend trade shows to spread the love and really have a go at my business! It really brings all my passions together and I really need help with funding! Which brings me to this crowdfunding page!

The Moriko philosophy - why is it important to be be conscious about the things you buy?

I think there is something truly very special about knowing exactly where and what you are buying comes from, how it's made, where the fabric was sourced, knowing how it will last, and most importantly knowing it won't leave a trace behind it. 

If we consider the facts that :

- At the current rate by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish

- Right now nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent !

- Containers and packaging now represent 32 percent of all municipal solid waste. Non-durable goods (defined as products in use for less than three years) constitute 27 percent, while durable goods comprise 16 percent

These are shocking facts! Yet how many of us stop to think about how the small things add up? It is still possible to enjoy the things we use in our lives, and shop for cute things, but to do this we need to slow down and consider the actual process of where these things are coming from. 

My creatures and broaches are all stuffed with 100% recycled PET bottles (which believe it or not is super soft and silky!) and made with OEKO-TEX certified recycled cottons or linens and my packaging is all made from potato starch and recycled card. 

My cards and prints are also entirely eco friendly. The printing company is use is UK based and FSC® Certified, ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified and
100% Green Energy Certified. They are affiliated with the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme and Forest Carbon, ensuring that all of the paper they use is Zero Carbon. The ink is also entirely made from vegetables! (and as a long term vegan) this was a very exciting find for me! The ink is HP Indigo Digital Press they use is also the most sustainable digital press on the market.

My vision is to build a brand that has essentially no carbon footprint, and isn't immediate. I want my customers to feel comforted in their choices and to gain something completely individual to them that they can enjoy.

My goals from crowdfunding

If I am successful I would buy much more fabric and invest into creating many more eco friendly products along with being able to afford to attend more local craft fairs and become a stronger part of the community. Eventually I would like to give back to the earth to help support charities like WWF and assist with some of the devastating effects of climate change. We have one world and it is diminishing, I want my business to be part of a positive future. I will use funding to assist with trade shows and printing of my fabrics and share the love I feel for this world that so desperately needs looking after. A good future is community and love driven, I hope I can be part of it!

Support me with a pledge for an original artwork or creature you can treasure forever, knowing that you know about every step of it's journey! Or if there's something else special you'd love I'd love to know about that to!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Handmade Toy of your choosing!

Original Handmade Toy of your choice!

£20 or more

Original Watercolour Painting

Original A4 Watercolour Painting of an animal of your choice! (unframed)

£40 or more

Original Framed Watercolor illustration

Original Framed illustration - An original artwork created of an animal of your choice!

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