Morenwyn Short Film

by Morenwyn Short Film in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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The traumatic death of a loved one sends a Cornish farmer spiraling as she struggles to differentiate her real aggressors from her imaginary

by Morenwyn Short Film in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Morenwyn - The Film

Morenwyn is a folk/horror short film that focuses on telling the story of a female survivor dealing with her past trauma. The film is aesthetically heavily inspired by contemporary horror film The Witch (2015, Robert Eggers) whilst trying to deal with the themes of sexism, survival and isolation that are present in films such as A Quiet Place (2018, Krasinski).

The Story 

Morenwyn lives by herself in the Cornish countryside after her husband, Kenver (a high-profile Rebel Commander) is brutally and publicly executed by the opposing Edwardian Forces. 

The film is set sometime after the execution and begins by showing how Morenwyn deals with the PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) that emerged after she witnessed her husband’s death while trying to get on with her everyday life. Recurring flashbacks to the event and gruesome visions of her dead husband drive her to the point of near insanity, as she tries coping with living alone and away from civilisation. 

Her isolation and misery interrupted when two Edwardian soldiers turn up to her house demanding shelter. There is a clear language barrier between Morenwyn and the soliders, this immediately threatens any sort of helpful relationship between the two parties as these could have potentially been the men that brutally murdered her husband and could easily do the same to her - if given the chance.

Why you should care

This film would give an insight into a period of Cornish history that isn’t usually portrayed in media, as well as expressing and exploring contemporary issues that need to be represented on screen. 

Where your money will go

To be able to achieve our vision of portraying this period of time correctly, we will need to predominantly focus on our art department with sourcing costumes, props and building the set. Ultimately we will need your support to make this possible.

Here is a breakdown of how we shall distribute the funds:  

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Meet The Crew


Lydia Watts

Lydia’s previous experience in producing and marketing short films are the foundation for her work on Morenwyn. She understands the process of getting a film made thanks to her knowledge of the industry, but also how to work creatively with the director to develop and deliver his vision for the film. She looks forward to tackling a film such as ‘Morenwyn’ that she aims to be true to Cornish history as well as an emotive, character-driven horror piece.



Sam Zhao

"I spent the last year writing a dissertation on the representation of women in contemporary Horror. I detail how Horror films of late like to use female protagonists while following Carol J. Clover’s model of “The Final Girl”. I found this problematic, as the model details how the Woman is the object of purity and her moral superiority is the reason for surviving (usually by a male at the last moment, i.e. It Follows). I wanted to write a horror where the woman overcomes her oppressors all by herself because she is strong enough and not because she’s lucky, a virgin or due to a seeming “Deus-Ex Machina”.  I first started coming up for the idea of Morenwyn last year when I became interested in the Cornish Language. After I started learning the language, I knew I wanted to create a film in Kernowek as I believe the language is vastly underappreciated in mass media.”

1st AD

Luke Morgan

His roots in theatre, acting and writing. Luke is eager to gain more film-set experience for his portfolio. Having passions in screenwriting and producing, Luke’s ability to plan and schedule are going to be crucial for his debut A.D role. Gaining knowledge in directing is something Luke wants and needs, and he will bring his ability to communicate well to the Morenwyn project, ensuring to oversee the whole process and be available to any crew member who needs him.

Producation Designer

Anna Hughes

England born and America raised, Anna has been doing film since her Junior year of High School. After venturing into the world of Technical Theatre for three years, she found a love for creating sets, costumes and painting faces, and is thrilled to translate that to the film practice as Production Designer. With a desire to go into Production Design and/or Post Production, her upbeat attitude and enthusiasm with learning exactly how the world of film works on and off set, shows her promise within the industry, and for the successful execution of Morenwyn.

Research & Publicity

Harriet Worsey

Meet Harriet Worsey, she is in charge of all things PR and Research. With a keen eye for all things social media and a love for public relations she is a perfect fit for our film. She believes that this film has a strong feminist message and is proud to be a part of something that shines such a positive light on female empowerment. Although this is a historical piece, it still contains many elements of relevant issue that people are faced with today, an exciting challenge that we can't wait to tackle together as a crew. With a background in journalism and a passion for film history, combined with her positivity and can-do attitude we are very excited to have her on the team!


Callum Steer

With a love for any visual artform, Callum has had many years experience behind the camera. With roots in photography aiding his passion for filmmaking, Callum has the technical know-how to perfectly capture any emotion.  With the heavy emotional subject at hand in Morenwyn, Callum will cut no corners to depict the severity of the events that take place.  


Emily Cooke

With a passion for exploring different editing styles, Emily is excited to piece together this female lead short. As a certified Avid Media Composer User, Emily is enthusiastic to be a part of such an important and morally relevant film that considers how a woman, alone in the world, fights for her survival. Her photography background has strengthened her editing in previous projects and will support Emily to develop a notable representation of women at this time.

Sound Designer

Natalia Brammen

Natalia has always been interested in visual storytelling and pushing its boundaries to create an emotional response and provoke thoughts. She has experience in a plethora of different areas of filmmaking, but sound design is where her passion lies. Natalia believes that sound design goes side by side with cinematography, enhancing the visual world of the film. She is looking forward to working with the crew to create an ambience that turns the mood of Morenwyn into something special. 

Thank You!

On behalf of the whole crew we would just like to thank you for supporting our project - we cannot wait to start turning this idea into a reality and without your help it wouldn't be possible! 

Thank you!


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