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On 22nd December 2016 we successfully raised £274,189 with 8761 supporters in 29 days

To give you more influence over politics by making sure a new generation of MPs is elected to fight for a More United, less divided Britain.

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Nicky Maeder 29th December 2016

Let's do something great here. So glad to be able to be a part. The world is a worrying and scary place right now, I want to feel as though we are resisting this and bringing about better and more positive change.

George Clandon 23rd December 2016

As a man of 70, with limited financial capacity, I've sent you £20. I'd love to think it's going to be put to good use along with other people's donations. I would like you to know that my politics are all over the place at time of writing. I could not bring myself to vote at the last election because of Corbyn and Cameron, as those two people don't represent my center ground politics. Leaving the EU. to me is a disaster, these little Englanders especially Farage haven't the brains they were born with. I was always taught to keep your lines of communication short, I voted to stay purely on the the grounds of business and security. And last but not not least, the pressing problem of climate change. We have a dangerous man due to take charge of the White house in the United States, he utterly deny's we have a problem with the climate and humans are a source of this problem. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world I've loved growing up in, simple really! I wish, More United lot's of luck for 2017, spend my £20 wisely, I've a suspicion it might be challenging year ? George.

Mary Griffiths 22nd December 2016

Well done More United both in initiating this organisation and through crowdfunding achieving a substantial amount of money well over your target. Edmund Burke stated around 1790's "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" All of us by joining, giving campaigning etc are not standing by and letting evil triumph

Richard Byham 22nd December 2016

I've joined because I too am becoming increasingly concerned about the political direction this country is heading in with the extreme left exerting more and more control over the Labour Party and the Conservatives turning into UKIP light with a domineering, patronising and inflexible Prime Minister - apparantly seeking to exert control over everything her ministers say and do - and along the way alienating herself from our key allies in Europe and leaving the UK - one of the largest counties in the EU - with our noses pressed against the windowpane looking in but no longer welcome. And this at a time of heightened security fears when we should be united in defence our continent not falling out with one another. We need a movement in the centre ground with liberal and tolerant policies - and I'm hoping that those moderate members of both of the main parties can unite in leading the way. I am in complete agreement with the utterances this week of two public figures who I would have thought had hitherto had little in common with each other - apart from a Welsh connection! Namely Michael Sheen who has suspended his acting career to fight the growing surge of populism and Prince Charles who, in his broadcast today, was right to express concerns about the political climate starting to mirror that of Germany in the mid-thirties with a growing intolerance of people from different ethnic backgrounds from within the EU.

Caroline Johnson 22nd December 2016

I've joined because it's time to stop sleeping and time for action to stop our rights and responsibilities being eroded by the forces of discrimination and hate.

David J Allen 22nd December 2016

Where next? I have rarely felt so despondent about our political direction. Can we possibly reunite Britain, on the basis that Leave voters have legitimate concerns which must be met, but actually Leaving the EU will be a national disaster? Or will May outmanoevre us, pick a silly fight with the EU negotiators, wrap herself in the Union Jack, and call a "Britain versus the dictatorial EU" election?

David MacRae 22nd December 2016

I sent you £20 yesterday. Why are you sending me the plea again today? I have joined your movement because I am dissatisfied with the direction of politics in the U.K. It is absurd to treat a mendacious referendum as a basis for leaving the EU. This goes against the principles of a representative democracy. The official opposition is hopeless under Corbyn's leadership and the Libdems lack credibility. Where else can we go?

Dr Philippa Garety 22nd December 2016

I value the open and inclusive stance of More United and the attempt to intervene to counteract the dangerously polarising processes at large in British and global politics. Thank you for getting started!

Kristine Bantick 21st December 2016

I am desperately concerned about the erosion of the centre ground in UK politics and the hostility that is being exhibited to anybody deemed 'non-British'. We need to reverse this slide towards nationalism - those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In years to come I do not wish to regret my inaction when faced with the rise of fascism and intolerance...

ste54 21st December 2016

I joined a long while ago and absolutely love the adherence to principles and the democracy. I just hope we stay this way and do not try to support policies which will I feel cause splits. We must focus on our principles. They are the things that unites us.

lynda.morgan2 21st December 2016

There is a desperate need for a more positive politics that is born of commitment and not just manipulation to get power. I am hoping I am part of something fresh and optimistic here. Fingers crossed for a more thoughtful and tolerant 2017.

Swarthdale 21st December 2016

Politics has to be different - more flexible, more responsive and help us, as citizens, to be more organised. We still need to hold to progressive values and care for those less fortunate - but we need better ways to ensure that everyone has a voice, not just those that control the old channels or make the most noise.

Kieran Turner 21st December 2016

Because I think facts and expertise are important! I need something to cling onto for hope. I want some honesty and decency in politics. And I don't want to leave the EU.

Gillian Gustar 21st December 2016

I've always voted - because people died for me to have that right - but I've never considered myself a particularly political person - until this year. I don't want to ally myself to one political party - but I do want to influence political debates and decisions - so I was delighted when this initiative was launched, and I am so happy to find others who think the same way.

Peterthepilgrim 21st December 2016

We always live in historic times and Christmas 2016 is no different; but now we have an open goal, politically, to infiltrate sanity and benefit to the sociopolitical landscape. I have habitually watched, for many decades, those who say they know the way and rarely do. This is particularly relevant at this political moment. We the people must seiz this moment and take our seat at the forum of decision makeing, lead as well as be lead and where we follow follow wisely.

Eric Schneider 21st December 2016

There is a desperate need for a positive, enthusiastic middle of the road party that represents the voices of ordinary liberal tolerant people across British society - many of whom presently find ourselves disenfranchised by the lack of effective representation in Parliament today. And there is a even greater need for the equivalent across Europe to positively re-capture hearts and minds with tolerance and liberal values in the face of right wing fascism masquerading itself as populism. I wish More United every success.

Daniel Robertson 21st December 2016

A little late, but I've added my little contribution. Here's to hoping for a more inclusive and more evidence based approach to politics. Let's keep the momentum going.

Mr Jonathan Robert Wilkinson 20th December 2016

I am getting rather sick and tired of all of the communist and anti-Tory and anti-UKIP moaning that has been going on since the Brexit Vote, and am hoping that, by having signed up to this "More United" Project, I'm doing something to eliminate all of this anti-British, communist and pro-Islamic propaganda which has become popular in recent years, particularly within the Labour Party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, Sin Fein, the Green Party, etc., and even more so since the Brexit Vote. We need a politics which puts Britain first and our country's interests first, and the British people first, instead of those who in the main have no right whatsoever to be in this country. Having said this, I don't have any problem with foreign people coming to this country. I just want the ones who are coming here to work to come and the rest to steer clear, so we stand a much better chance of getting the UK back on its feet, following the completion of the Brexit Process.

David Fowles 20th December 2016

Coming to the end of 2016 and it needs to be written off. There is a vacuum in centre left politics and it needs to be filled rapidly. Here's hoping that this small contribution will lead to bigger things in 2017. We need a higher and more powerful profile.

Gurdip Sangha 20th December 2016

I believe that 2016 is not the end of hope for a more liberal, tolerant, and open type of politics and society, but the beginning, and I am supporting this initiative with this thought in mind.

Kate Freeman 20th December 2016

I joined in memory of the late Jo Cox and all she stood for. I am a political activist without a party but I have an agenda: to leave a progressive world for my grandchildren and all who inherit this earth. More United gives me hope. I feel optimistic that we can well work together.

Lucinda Hallan 20th December 2016

I'm impressed by the clarity of the MoreUnited principles and happy to contribute. I hope movements like this one can make a tangible difference over the next couple of years.


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