More than Words

More than Words

I am raising funds to help me offer art and imagination as a way of spreading more love in the world.

We did it!

On 30th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £1,340 of £800 target with 46 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Wow! What an amazing few days. Thank you! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and my project! I am just blown away to have achieved my intial funding target and still have 4 days to go.

I feel incredibly blessed and incredibly grateful.

As there are 4 days to go until my deadline, I'm going to dare to imagine that you may help me to achieve a stretch target of £1200 and do something I have only dared to dream about.

Going beyond and achieving a stretch goal would allow me to ... 

print actual greeting cards based on my designs and 

create and build an Etsy shop.

 THAT that would be a major dream come true! 

The cost of print is 60p per card (including the envelope and cello pack), with a minimum run of 100 cards.

I would order as many cards as I can based on the additional funding up to a maximum initial run of 300 cards -  £180

If I was able to acheive the full stretch goal, I would also

- do some further training and learn Adobe Illustrator - £15

- buy more ink -  £135

and finally I would 

- buy some quality A4 card stock to print  my "Magic Mirrors" to accompany the "more than words" book - £70

They say no dream is too big. 

Everyone who has supported this project has helped me to dare to dream bigger. 

Thank you. 

From my heart to yours. 

Thank you for visiting my page and for taking the time to read my story and look at my pictures. 

The beginning ... me and my not knowing 

This is me with my beautiful son. The miraculous being that lit up my life nearly 14 years ago. We're quite the team, he and I. 


Last year was a tough one for us though and everything in our little world got turned upside down and inside out. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong. 

BUT ... in all the upside downing something incredible happened. Something so unexpected that even now I am amazed by it. I was asked by my brother to illustrate a book for him. I thought he was crazy to ask me to do that, but he seemed to think I was artistic and that I could do it. And he offered to pay me ... and money was very scarce indeed so I agreed to try. 

I uncovered an ability to draw that I didn't know I had. 

A whole new love

Looking back now, I realise my desire to draw has always been there, I had just never given it time, attention or had any belief that I had enough ability that it could be something I did for a living.

Even though I have a long history of making birthday, Christmas and celebration cards and gifts I always saw it as something I loved but thought was a hobby at best. A way for me to create things that expressed my love for friends and family.

In the last six months, spurred on by my brother,  I have experienced the joy of blending my love of art and hand crafting, with my other love, which is technology. And the technology has allowed me to create things in ways I never before imagined were possible and with an ease that still amazes me. 

As I recovered from surgery and the tumult of my upside down life I found healing and peace and magic ... losing myself entirely in the creative process, in the learning and exploration of this new and fascinating world of art and tech.

And then something even more unexpected happened and people who saw the things I was creating asked me to draw things for them too. And it made me so happy. Not just the process of creating but also that people were asking me to make things for people they loved.

I've drawn homes where people's hearts reside, sketched beloved pets, crafted funny gift certificates, drawn cards to welcome  beautiful new souls to the world or to let someone know how truly special they are. I've counted down with daily drawings to a BIG birthday, wished a beloved mother a merry christmas and helped make a wedding more wonderful.

I've been part of sending love from one person to another, from one family to another.

This is the best, most amazing work I have EVER done - with the exception of being a mother to my son. 

I love it with every bit of my being.

And now?

I am crowdfunding because last year was very financially challenging and I don't have the resources to take the next step in this journey by myself  but ... I do have art that I am delighted to offer in exchange for your help.

Not only would I like to be able to create even more beautiful things, I would also like to share the ideas and creations I have made and been gifted over the years into a book of ideas and inspiration called "more than words" so that we can all be inspired to think both more simply and more imaginitively about the gifts we give and the ways we express our love. 

To do that, I need to do some more learning and have access to some more software and get my iOS developer license so that I can make even more "art meets tech" wonders like customised sticker packs.

The world needs more love ... and I would like my work to be all about making more love and spreading more love. 

By supporting my crowdfunder you will be helping me do that. And in exchange I will create something beautiful for you to send to someone you love.

Here are some examples of the sort of things I have sent in the past - 5ba05c20e9e76ecbd3d35d5a5c2102b87ab77e5e2a7582ebdd2895b6c714e40393904b032c6f8f46

Update: 25th January, 2017

I am excited to be offering a new reward today! (for some reason this reward option is at the bottom, so please scroll to the end of the list of rewards to select this one.)

One of my favourite things to draw are homes and today I am offering to draw a home, yours or someone you love's and to send that as a print that can be framed and hung. 

Here are a few examples of homes I have drawn recently. (you can of course have the house drawn by itself without Peppa Pig or Santa!)




The money raised will be used to pay for: 

iOS developer license - £90

Creative Cloud 1 year subscription - £560

2 sets of printer inks - £90

InDesign training - £10 

Crowdfunding fees - £50

Please do message me if you have any questions at all! 

I am so grateful for your contribution in pounds but even more so for all the words of support and encouragement that have generously been sent to me. 

I would love to achieve my target and be blessed with the money to take the next step in my journey - but even if I don't, I am so glad to have done this crowdfunder because I feel so surrounded by love and good vibes from all those amazing words.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have an amazing day.

BIG love

Susie xo


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