More interesting than a marathon

More interesting than a marathon

Raising funds for another Green Party candidate...

We did it!

On 18th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £380 of £300 target with 22 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Will pay all of my deposit, freeing up other Green Party funds for even better stuff!

Project aim

Raising funds for another Green Party candidate...


Green Party policy:

Sarah W, Hull east: 


About the project

Giving people in Hull East a change to vote for what they believe in...

Green Party policies are well supported in Hull. Greens will protect the NHS, protect welfare and housing and build a fairer, greener economy.

Just in time for the May 2015 elections... A new candidate needs a £500 deposit to stand. Green Party Hull are going to stump up some of the funds to help out, but can you help too??


...(i missed the original crowd fund session, where it was stated...

Here in the Yorkshire & Humber region we would like to give every voter the opportunity to vote for a Green Party MP. In order for us to stand candidates we need to raise a deposit1 of £500 for each one. As you can imagine, with 54 parliamentary seats in our region alone, this is quite a substantial sum for our party to raise.

You may be aware that the larger parties often take large donations from big business interests, but the Green Party are not funded in that way. Our campaigns are powered by party members and supporters like you.

Please help us support your local parliamentary candidate by giving what you can. With donations starting at just £1 we hope everyone can get involved. Please note: if you decide to donate more than £50 we will need to take some additional details2 from you before we can accept your kind offer of support.

Should we fail to raise the required £500 deposit for this constituency we would try to transfer funds from better funded areas. This will be a reciprocal arrangement so if this campaign is over funded our team will try to support as may other local candidates as possible. After funding deposits across the region, any remaining funds will be returned to the originating constituency, to support their campaigning efforts.)


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