More CCTV for Melville Hill

More CCTV for Melville Hill

An appeal to help people living in the parts of Melville Hill not covered by the Community system or existing CCTV networks fund their own.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Local residents living in central Torquay are cleaning up their community after years of neglect and bad planning decisions.

The area has been blighted by crime and anti social behaviour mostly linked to private, unregulated houses of multiple occupancy and low cost private accommodation created by the sub division of larger houses. These properties are being used as havens for those involved in drugs and low level crime as well as dumping grounds for poor and disadvantaged people who are being set up to fail in a hostile environment.

The existing community has had enough and is claiming it back. Members of the group We love Melville Hill has launched a highly successful ICO registered Community CCTV system that is already improving the area and providing the Police with important intelligence. Unfortunately, not every one is covered by a community or private system where they live on Melville Hill, so this Crowdfund is here to help them arrange their own system using our professional and registered CCTV installer.

This plan explains it in more detail:

Check out these photographs to show why we need to take action

A resident and friend to many in the area getsĀ  brutually assaulted and nearly died during a street attack on Melville Street in October 2015

A wooden gate is ripped from its hinges and thrown through a lounge window which is broken for the third time during another night of street violence. Another problem; environment crimes are frequently being committed as people dump household waste straight on to the street

This is why we've all had enough and resorted to running cameras!

Evicted tenants moving out can flytip the whole contents of their home on to our streets

Certain properties get regularly targetted for criminal damage.

We've been given diaries to fill in to provide evidence the problems exisit by Torbay Council Officers - ten years later and still no change!

The Police 101 service is a joke - You can never get through when you need to and they have the nerve to say crime is falling!


Cut backs and severe austerity is leaving Torbay Council unable or unwilling to help turn things around in an area highly visible to tourists

CCTV is about us taking control of our homes and community. If Melville Hill really is being used as a containment area for people with problems, like ex-offenders and drug users as some people believe, then the authorities must think again. Crims don't like cameras!

"We may have to dip in to our pockets now, but in the end it has to be worthwhile"