'More Birds Than Bullets'

The publishing of my next book 'More Birds Than Bullets'

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


This is a book about encounters with birds in and out of the army, mostly while in the British Army. Some are funny, some are serious, and some facts are presented to support the stories. What shines through is the relationship between birds and people.

My main problem was how I am going to present this book to you.

Over the years my friends have suggested I should write a book about my experiences, I resisted this for a long time, concerned that it might appear egotistical. Recently I have been sorting out things in my life and I realised that I that I would like to leave something for my grandchildren and so the idea took root.

I also thought it might be good to share these experiences with you as well. At first I thought present it as a type of novel, or as a matter of fact type book? I decided in the end to go for short stories.

This is so that you can read the book in your tea break at work or on a train on your way to somewhere, but mainly so that you can pick up the book at any time and carry on reading knowing you have not interrupted a major plot like in a crime novel were you cannot put it down for fear of losing the excitement of the plot.

And so begun the journey of creating a book of short stories and a glossary list, translating army speak (language) into civilian speak along with some military sayings and phrases.

Below are some of the stories that feature in the book and above is a video of one of the stories, enjoy them.

Below is the picture that Cliff Wright (a renowned Harry Potter artist) illustrated for the cover of my book. Some of the birds are out of proportion, which I like. There are a limited number of prints available and a limited number of postcards as well as some unlimited postcards for you to choose from, in fact there are only 100 limited postcards and 3 prints.

Check out the deals I have on offer for you.


‘Canada - Stop the Battle Group’

“In all my years in the army I have never known anyone to stop a battle group from moving, until that Twitcher came along, as the BSM pointed in my direction".  Graham Stacey’s (BSM) dine out speech.

‘We Ambushed the German Hunters’

...I ordered my men to open fire… pigeons, rabbits and birds disappeared in all directions… the Germans were still shaking their fists, shouting & swearing at us as we set off down the track back to our vehicles... All in all I think a good days hunting.

‘The Needle in the Haystack’

As we ventured into the woodlands south of the Czechoslovakian (as it was then) Tatra mountains, we soon realised the wood was extremely boggy, forcing us to walk along fallen tree trucks… just before our torch battery's died, we saw our first Ural Owl, 1 out 10 breeding pairs in the whole country.


While sat in my car making a phone call. A Sparrow-hawk appeared to my right from a driveway, flying just inches over the bonnet of my car it then dropped to just a few feet above the road, oblivious to the fact it could of at that point been hit by an oncoming car it raced off down another driveway and after about fifty meters it swopped up and over a wall with an inch or so to spare. I wonder if it caught what it was after.


Someone put this drawing on my bedroom door, in the Falklands

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