Mookies poorly

Mookies poorly

Mookie has been taken ill, she is paralysed and can't walk, she needs an MRI and an operation to get her well again

We did it!

On 25th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £1,430 with 29 supporters in 28 days

Mookie became poorly on Wednesday all of a sudden that progressed very rapidly over the course of the night. She now has paralysis of her back legs which is just horrendous as she is usually the most bounciest ball of fluff you would meet.  We need to get her an MRI and she is possibly looking at a spinal operation, the vets are amazing but it's going to be expensive, it's £2,000 just for the MRI without any surgery.  We need to find out what is wrong first but I can't do anything to help her without the money for the MRI, I am stuck at the moment.

I realise I have had a huge mistake not getting her insured but she is only a young dog and I never thought this could happen to her.  

She is in so much pain and I just want to help her be the Fluff Bomb we all love her for.  If you could  spare  even the smallest of donation this would be an amazing help for her I would be eternally grateful. 

Any unused money will be given to an animal charity.

Thank you 

Lots of love 

Lisa & Mookie xxxxxxx

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