MooGo Logistics Phase I Campaign

MooGo Logistics Phase I Campaign

Funds raised for MOOGO Logistics Phase I Campaign will help with legal fees, initial startup cost, etc.

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Hi everyone! My name is Russ Holliday, and I’m the founder of MooGo Logistics. We are starting a new venture I’m excited to share with you. This HUGE IDEA leading to MooGo evolved from my personal and professional experiences within the moving and storage industry. Let me tell you a little more about who we are, what we do, and how you can help.

Personally, I have been working in multiple areas, at multiple levels, within the moving and storage industry for over 6 years now. This experience has allowed me to witness the obstacles many customers must overcome during life’s transitional moments. Statistically, MOVING is in the top 5 most stressful situations that people deal with. Consider how overwhelming packing, cleaning, renting equipment, hiring movers, unpacking, and final cleaning is, and that it most often occurs during an already stressful time. This list is, of course, not all-inclusive of what we face when we must move. From personal experience, I know that moving has been the cause of headaches and backaches on more than one occasion. My considering all that led to pondering the thought, “this should be easier.”

At MooGo, our goal is simple and easy. We intend to eliminate the hassles of moving with a wide array of services that will lessen our customer’s burdens. From moving, packing, storage, cleaning, travel and shipping, every option movers could possibly need, all under one roof. We call this our Swiss Army Knife approach to moving. That’s right! No more calling here and going there. Gotta do this! Gotta get that! Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush! Well, no more! Let me show a small sample of the products and services we will offer:

Local & Long Distance Moving

Moving, Packing & Shipping Supplies

Equipment Rentals

Packing Service

Junk Haul Off

Container Rentals & Storage

Storage Reservations

Shipping Center

Cleaning Services & Equipment Rentals

Travel Accommodations

And, so much more

Did I mention that we deliver? Every product we offer will include the option of being delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. Like I said, simple and easy.

We will also be working on the software side of the Moving and Storage Industry. Having observed and used many types of software offered in this industry, I will attest that it is lackluster, at best. Some of the programs being used should have existed in the technological dinosaur age with overly outdated appearances and very few technical functions that are truly simplified and user-friendly. Our design plans will be smooth,simplified, and user-friendly .

At the moment, our plans will originate in the Raleigh-Durham areas. These two markets combined have a growth rate of about 70 new residents per day. That’s a whole lot of moving going on! Our long term plans are to expand into surrounding areas and become a nationwide company. During the first year of opening our doors, we intend to employ over two dozen people. After that, we project we will be able to double employment going into our 2nd and 3rd years.

I would like to introduce you to a small group of excellent people who will initially join the MooGo team. The experience each of these team members have will make them tremendous assets to our company.

Our “We Care Program” will play a vital role within our company. There will be several areas we intend to cover with this program, including volunteering and fundraising. Every month, our team will volunteer at local centers and events to help meet the needs within our local area. We will also contribute to a new charity called Robbie’s Clubhouse, based out of Greenville, NC. This will be a place where kids with special needs can hang out, play and learn at their own pace. In addition to that, we will begin our Hope Lives Here Fund. This fund will assist families in need during difficult transitional times. It is my belief that giving time back to the communities in which we intend to grow, is the only way to achieve true success.

Before all of this can happen, we need your help! As wonderful as the big picture is, we still need to raise more funds for Phase 1 to begin. The money we raise will go toward all of our legal fees, start-up costs, etc. I have included some really cool perks for contribution levels. This is a small way to say THANK YOU for lending a hand. Please consider donating. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Please make donations through our primary campaign on Indiegogo

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Donation Perks

  • $5 Donation – Virtual Hug
  • $25 Donation – Social Media Shout Out
  • $50 Donation – Pinback Button
  • $100 Donation – MooGo T-Shirt & Button
  • $500 Donation – MooGo Tumbler, T-Shirt & Button

All perks will be shipped out at the end of our campaign. Each contributor will be contacted within 48 hours of their donation with a Thank You message, along with a request for contact and shipping info. Free shipping of perks only available within the United States.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read about our startup MooGo. If you have any questions about our exciting venture, please feel free to email me at

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