Moody Rum

by Mike moody in Blashford, England, United Kingdom

Moody Rum


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To development of artisan spirits in the New Forest, while employing within the local community and develop a carbon neutral distillery.

by Mike moody in Blashford, England, United Kingdom

Moody rum is be an artisan premium spirit company making small batch flavored rums from New Forest products with the view to grow our own botanical on Gouldings farm. We will be using New Forest Spring waters, selling our products within the New Forest and via Farmers markets along side New Forest Marque.

The Aim of the funding is to further invest in local apprenticeships in the Beverage sector, push carbon negative and neutral processes, help push and provide a recycling and "Green scheme" to help reduce waste in the hospitality sector.

Products Provided

-Dark rum (made from white rum base)

-White rum 

-Dark cherry rum (made from white rum base)

-Mulled spiced rum (made from white rum base)

-Raisin rum (made from white rum base)

-Vanilla (also dark) rum (made from white rum base)

-Banana rum (made from white rum base)

-Sumac & Lime (made from white rum base)

-Mace (made from white rum base)

-  bottle filling. Send us your bottle for filling to reduce your carbon footprint we will fill it with your selected flavor and post back.

-Craft rum packs. We will send you our premium rum base with a selection of botanical and a recipe book to make your own flavoring.

-B2B whole sales, selling premium spirits to other distilleries for compounding and/or rectifying  


The expansion of flavors and eco friendly (carbon negative) packaging such as “send us your old bottles to fill” is a completely new take on distilleries and the flavors are like nothing else on the market.

Being in the hospitality industry for 7 years Mike has a keen understanding of the spirits on the market as well as industry trends and having experienced the growing sales of rums following the explosion of Gin on the late 2000’s.

Mike has spent the past 3 years sampling various spirits and have seen the large gap in the market with everyone following the “same” trend in rum spirit by using a barrel aging or spiced process.

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