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Building a workshop that provide job opportunities to craftsman,Using new technologies,Look for stratups that provide production solutions.

by M. Fared in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Looking at ultra light aircrafts in the time that im having my flying lessons with an ultra light aircraft and it is a great plane but did open my eyes at 3 things:
First of all that most ultra light aircrafts do look the same except of few but 95% are conventional aircrafts.
Second thing limitations of capacity, speed, range, durability, and its normal for its limitations and capabilities.
Third thing the COST of having your own plane that is conventional aircraft, what is new?

Why i can't have something different than what is conventional? why others can't too?
A question that i'm asking why can't i have something new with a new look and new potential, pushing the limits just a little for my self and for others to have the opportunity to own it.

That is why im opening my own company (Montagu Aviation) to make it happen, To achieve that as well, Not only to my self but for others who would like to own one too.

For every idea or business opportunity as we all know we need the funds or capital for that Dream, As a startup i believe that community can make it happen to support innovation, new approach, providing something new.

On the other hand i'm hoping that i could provide new work opportunities as much as i can for 3D modeling and designers.
Building a workshop that provide job opportunities to craftsman, and be a link for someone who is in need for suitable job, As i know how it is (been there). especially at this times that we do have now with all this circumstances.

Try to give some one a practical chance to learn and earn in the same time a craft or trade or new skills,or the tools he or she need Next to give my self the chance to learn from others too.

Using new technologies that do have impact on environment within General Aviation as to this time most still do use leaded fuel.

Look for new stratups that could provide matirals for fabrication or other production solutions.

No Doubt it is hard as that kind of projects do need Plan, Patience, understanding of person limitations, Next to other elements and factors, But in my life i don't believe in problems in doing business , i do believe of issues and for every issue there is 100 solutions.

That what brings me here as i know that finding the solotions to this issue of funding new startup could be here with others who could support, helping to make a reality from an idea, Not just that, But to give opportunities to others too not just me.

For reading this Thank You, Giving the chance for some one like me and others who could work with me for (Montagu Aviation) startup and this business idea by your suport I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart for my family, friends, Every one i know and who i dont know, The peace that rests within my spirit to go on , and the certainty of hope that says all things are possible.

For that i am Greatfull.


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