Monster Raving Loony Wales election fund

Monster Raving Loony Wales election fund

The up coming general election needs to have a Monster Raving Loony Candidate in. South Wales. Captain Madness needs sponsorship.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Whilst other parties in this election wil be funded by big Business and thw unions. the Monster Raving Loony 

party needs funds to pay fro eth 500 pounds election fee and the big campaign ahead. We need a Loony in Parliament to represent Wales-  Captain Madness is your  man.

He will shake up  the establishmenst and make Corbyn and Boris look like  boring accountants and help  fun spread across Wales.

To see the full range of Loony   policies in our Manic festo  go to  the  Monster Raving Loony  website

Please donate to help a Loony now and don forget to vote Insanity.