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The aim is to build houses for bees and to stop them from getting endangered.

by Yara Yad in London, England, United Kingdom

I had thought of the idea ever since I started doing research on bees around 2/3 years ago and I read in many articles that bees...Honey bees to be precise are becoming endangered. There are two main reasons why they are becoming endangered and that is because of parasites and pesticides. Pesticides have been increased in agriculture and when they are exposed to bees, it damages their nervous system which leads them to become paralyzed and that will then lead to death. 

If honey bees become extinct, then there will be an end to humanity. Honey bees pollinate 70/100 of crop species that feed 90% of the world. We would lose our plants if honey bees become extinct and the animals that eat those plants and so up the food chain...

 Last year my friends and I created around 20 bee houses and sold them at an event and made around £200. With this £300 I will be creating hand-crafted bee houses and selling them as Honey bees are always looking for homes to stay in during winter as they cannot go outdoors during that season. The money made after selling them will also go to Bee Friendly Trust. This will be a huge advantage to the honey bees as it would provide them with a secure, comfortable environment. 


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