MonitorGO a better personal alarm for the elderly

by stephenbradbury in Huddersfield

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On 11th September 2014 we successfully raised £5,000 with 10 supporters in 1 days

New fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly uses smartphone with fall and unconsciousness detection offering independence and confidence

by stephenbradbury in Huddersfield

MonitorGO project was born in 2013. A small team of care specialists, software engineers and assorted helpers, based in West Yorkshire, set out to design a better alarm system for the elderly.

We were unhappy with the pendant alarm systems linked back to land lines which our relatives had used. These older systems have been around for over 30 years and have not moved on. The user can feel trapped by the need to stay in range of the home land line. If the user falls and becomes unconscious, these older systems have no way to send out automatic alarms.

We wanted to design something better and to use mobile technologies to assist the elderly.

Our motto has been “Independence with Confidence”.

For about a year we have been busy researching and developing our product which we have called MonitorGO. It is a brand new alarm system for the elderly and we are now ready to share MonitorGO with the world.

So what does it do?

1. Alarm Raising

You can raise the alarm to summon help from a friend, family member, carer or the 24 hour call centre.

2. Fall Detection

If you fall and cannot raise the alarm yourself, MonitorGO can detect the fall and call for help or your behalf, even if you are unconscious.


3. Unconsciousness Alert

The unconsciousness alert can capture those 'soft falls' and detect if you have been immobile for a period of more than 30 minutes and call help for you.

4. GPS Location Tracking

You don't have to worry about needing help while out and about and being difficult to find. MonitorGO includes GPS location tracking which your loved ones, and the call centre, can access.

5. 24/7 Call Centre

Access to a 24 hour call centre is included in the MonitorGO package so help is always available, even if your personal contacts are not.

6. False Alarm Prevention

You don't have to worry about triggering false alarms. Whenever you raise an alert, you will hear a warning. You can then cancel the alarm or allow it to activate.

7. Mobile Phone Functionality

As well as a sophisticated personal alarm, MonitorGO is also a mobile phone. You can therefore use it to make and receive phone calls whenever you want and our package includes unlimited outgoing calls to UK 01/02/03 landlines.

8. Fully Mobile

MonitorGO is not restricted to a landline so as long as you have a mobile phone signal, it will work wherever you go.


So why Crowdfunder?

We now have all our systems in place, and MonitorGO has been fully tested in the workshop and in our own homes.

We are ready now to test it in the field with elderly volunteers and their families. We want to monitor these users on a daily basis to make sure that everything is working as intended.

We are looking to raise £5,000 to fund this testing process. Rewards are based around providing benefits to the family members of those who make contributions towards our fund raising target.

For more information please visit our website.

We thank you all in advance for your support. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A place on our Appreciation Board as a MonitorGO supporter and displayed on our website and Facebook page.

£40 or more

1 of 25 claimed

£40 Reward

Receive a personal consultation for an elderly friend or relative living within mainland UK in their own home with Stephen Bradbury and a no obligation demonstration of the MonitorGO device, with a reduction of £40 on any subsequent purchase of a MonitorGO device.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

Delivered to your door, a C500 push button Key Safe (only UK one approved by police for use outside the house of an elderly person receiving support) enables the emergency services to access a house in the event of an emergency. RRP - £94.

£100 or more

0 of 16 claimed

£100 Reward

Place at a MonitorGO Brains Trust lunch (one to be held in south and one in north) to be hosted by Stephen Bradbury and the MonitorGO team to discuss the development of the system to date, future optional extensions of the system, and the option of becoming a MonitorGO partner.

£150 or more

1 of 10 claimed

£150 Reward

*DISCOUNTED DEVICE ONLY OFFER* MonitorGO device only (without on-going SIM card or 24/7 Call Centre options). Includes device + customised software + charger stand + case + 1 month's SIM card provision). RRP £199. Includes personal set up by one of the MonitorGO team.

£500 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£500 Reward

*EXCLUSIVE ONE TIME OFFER* MonitorGO package to be provided for the person of your choice (device + case + stand + customised software + 2 yrs 24/7 call centre provision + 2 yrs EE SIM) – RRP £860.

£600 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£600 Reward

*SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER* MonitorGO package to be provided for the person of your choice (device + case + stand + customised software + 2 yrs 24/7 call centre provision + 2 yrs EE SIM) – RRP £860.

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