Buy me a litre of fuel! I'm off to Mongolia!

by adam-growley-rowley in London

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I'm doing something a little bit crazy. With my brother, I'm driving 10,000 miles in a VW Polo for Alzheimers.... Our only issue is fuel...

by adam-growley-rowley in London

 Hellooo!My name's Adam for a start, and I'm doing something a little bit crazy. With my brother, I'm driving 10,000 miles in a VW Polo. Across deserts and mountains to Mongolia. I did say crazy.

We aren't just doing it because we're lunatics either. We're aiming to raise thousands of pounds for the Alzhiemers Society. This massive adventure is called the Mongol rally, and our team, Mongol Rowley, are planning to conquor it in style. We have some amazing sponsors and some great support from family and friends...

Our only issue is fuel. 

We have done some maths, and we reckon the average price of a litre of fuel on our trip will be £1. (Pretty good compared to Tesco!) The issue is we are doing lots of miles. 10,000 to Ulaan Baatar, and 5,500 miles back again. All in, assuming a MPG of around 35 in the desert, we reckon we will use 387 gallons of fuel. Almost 2000 litres. Crazy, I know. We are having to fund our own Visas, jabs, food, bribes and tons more, and hoped that some kind souls out there would want to be a part of this crazy adventure with us. 

All we ask is you buy us one litre of fuel. £1. That's it. If you can do that, hugs from us, tell your friends, and soon enough, we'll have all the tanks we need! If you have a particularly generous feeling today, you could buy us two litres of fuel, or a whole tank! Our VW Polo has a 45 litre tank. If you can afford £45 for us, we will personally thank you on our blog, and we will give you a small space on the car for a message or a photo. We keep a blog that you can follow, for free of course. So if you can't afford to donate, that's fine, you can still follow along! And as we go, we hope to release some videos, vlogs and finally a documentary/film when the rally is finished. All crazy exciting. All of that stuff is over at so feel free to check it out.

We would appreciate anything you can afford and will thank as many people as we can. If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, feel free! Just message us on our site :)


Wish us luck. I hope you enjoy our adventure, I'm pretty terrified...

I'm going to put a tank of fuel in now so I can drive Wilson (Our car) to the mechanics, so there's my contribution.

Thanks to everyone!Adam out.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

You've helped us drive almost 10 miles. That's the difference between sleeping in a hotel, or in a tiny tent in a desert somewhere. Thank you!

£2 or more

£2 Reward

20 miles. I'd rather drive it than have to push Wilson with an empty tank. Thank you!

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A pretty amazing 50 miles from your contribution alone! Across horrific potholes, mountains rivers. That's got to be at least one driving shift... Hasn't it? You're awesome, thanks!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

100 miles. A long way... Your donation will get us to Dover from the launch event in London! And that's a pretty important stretch right at the start. *fist bump* You'll be added to our list of fuel sponsors on our website for the rest of time.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

You money lets us drive the almost 200 miles to London for the launch party. If we don't make it there, we will not even get close to Mongolia! Thank you! You'll be added to the wall of names on our fuel sponsor list. Very prestigious.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

300 miles covered on your donation. That's from Calais right into Germany. Thats FAR. You're amazing. You'll go on our super cool wall of fuel sponsors, and you'll get a personal thanks on our blogs.

£45 or more

£45 Reward

Thats a whole tank, amazing! We will mention you in our blog's and give you a little space on the car to print a photo or message, and it'll go alllll the way to Mongolia. Pretty amazing right... Thank you so much!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

If you pledge £100, I will personally email you to thank you because you are a god. You will pretty much allow us to drive across the whole of Kazakhstan. Which is awesome. Scary, but awesome. I'll email you personally, I'll answer any questions you have in a blog post, You can have a message on the car and a photo too, and you'll get access to the final video footage in case you want a copy for yourself!

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