Mongol Rally 2020: Team LSW

by William Anthony in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Mongol Rally 2020: Team LSW
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To contribute to a 16,000km trip to Mongolia in a budget car to raise money for Cool Earth, MenCap, Parkinson’s UK and TLC

by William Anthony in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Dear Crowdfunders!

My name is Will T-P, myself and best mate Bailey May will be (hopefully) completing the Mongol rally 2020 as Team: The Lion, The Swift & The Wardrobe. This mammoth trip will consist of us driving a (soon to be revealed) sub £500 1.0ltr car half way across the world and back, seeing amazing sites and spreading the names of our chosen charities and sponsors. There will be no chosen route or backup, we are on our own, needing to interact with locals and make our way to Mongolia! 

In order to give us the best chance of making it and raising as much money as we can for our chosen charities we are asking for donations that will go towards the car, it’s modifications, Visa’s and other associated travel costs! We are hoping to keep our running costs as low as possible by wild camping and budgeting well! Any money left over from this crowdfund will be split between our chosen charities! 

Our chosen charities are Cool Earth, Mencap, Parkinson’s UK and TLC. Cool Earth is a charity that halts rainforest destruction by aligning the future of the rainforest with the people best placed to protect it. This means placing forest in the hands of the people who rely on its survival for their survival. Bailey chose Mencap as his charity for all their great work they do for children with learning difficulties, having an autistic brother and close friends in similar situations has made this charity particularity important to Bailey. Parkinson’s UK is a fantastic charity that supports family’s dealing with this currently incurable illness and striving to find a cure. This charity is particularly important as Will’s stepmother, Sue, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at such a young age. This dibilitating illness has not stopped Sue from being a fantastic mother to her four children and wife to Neil. Raising money for this charity will hopefully go towards showing Sue how proud we all are of her, and helping others currently suffering with similar conditions. Temple Legal Centre (TLC) is a charity founded by Will’s mother, it provides free family legal advice to people who are unable to afford such assistance from their own resources, a vital service that contributes to keeping our justice system fair to all. 

All of our antics leading up to and on the rally will be documented on our Instagram @lsw_mongol2020 , which will contain some madness and hopefully some comedy that you’ll all enjoy aswell as all the amazing sights and people we will meet on the way!

We would like to thank any funders for their contributions and if you would like us to do anything specific to our car or on our trip for a donation let us know and I’m sure we can make it happen.

(ps. Please someone ask Bailey to shave his hair off for a donation) 

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