Grow UP Rich

Inspiring children and young adults about money - a book distributed to every school in the country

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Has There Ever Been A More Important Time to Teach Children About Money?

Inspire and educate young people about money with Grow Up Rich. Helping to empower a new generation who are financially literate and money conscious. With your support, we are creating a book which will be given to every secondary school in the country.

"Grow Up Rich" - Comprehensive Financial Education For Young People

Today we are experiencing record levels of personal debt, home repossessions, massive student loans and people in desperate need of financial help and advice. Payday lenders are offering short term solutions at enormous rates of interest, backed by big budget TV campaigns and the younger generation have precious few positive role models to aspire to.

Will you be part of the solution?

What makes Grow Up Rich unique is the combination of prevention and possibility: 

  • Preventing the misery of a life blighted by debt, balanced with the possibility of creating and growing wealth.
  • Preventing the cycle of poverty and reliance on benefits, contrasted with the possibility of learning from the success of others
  • Preventing out of control student debts with the possibility of empowered money management.

Containing practical how-to advice on subjects such as credit and debt, payday lenders, buying a car and living independently; combined with entrepreneurial advice and guidance on how to create and grow wealth. Included are interviews and case studies of inspirational young people who have achieved success in all walks of life.

By donating a copy of the book to every secondary school in the country, the project will act like dropping a pebble in a pond, creating ripples of inspiration which will reach far and wide. Some books will be used as part of curriculum, others shared in school libraries or stimulating discussions in the staffroom and classroom.

We are offering a fantastic range of rewards for supporters ranging from signed books and exclusive merchandise up to sponsors packages for businesses who would benefit from reaching a national audience (sorry payday lenders need not apply)!

About the Author

Daniel Britton is a former financial adviser, teacher and financial education specialist. He is author of the award winning Financial Fairy Tales series of money related books for younger children and was a contributor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education. In 2013 he was presented with the Enterprise Tutor of The Year award by Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones CBE and HRH Duke of York.

DanielBritton with Martin Lewis and Carol Vorderman

Enterprise Tutor of the year

Grow Up Rich is a fantastic opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of young people” says Daniel. “I have been fortunate to work with and learn from dozens of highly successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and money experts. It is my desire to share that knowledge in an entertaining and accessible way, to improve the life chances of young people all over the country”.

What is the funding for and how will it be spent?

The uniqueness and ultimate success of the project is the provision of a copy of Think and Grow Up Rich to every school in the country. An initial print run of 3000 books will occur an approximate production cost of £7500. Other expenses include distribution at £4000 and incidentals such as design and editing, rewards and fees.