Money Made Easy

by Christabel Clark in Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom


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An online course giving you everything you need to know about money but were never taught at school or home! Free yourself from money worry!

by Christabel Clark in Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

I'm passionate about empowering people to take charge of their financial situation and start living the life they deserve. Worrying about money, being broke and being in debt have become an epidemic! Its got to stop and I'm here to turn things around. 

I hear this all the time:
“I’m hopeless with money. I’m always broke and I hate it, but until I get the (job of my dreams, winning lottery ticket, massive inheritance, insert dream money windfall here) I’ll always be broke”. 

I’m here to tell you this is NOT TRUE! No one is born hopeless with money, you just haven’t been taught a set of simple principles that will set you up for life. I have created an online course that you can take from the comfort of your home/sofa/bed which will teach you how to stop being broke! And the best part is it's simple, doesn’t involve depriving yourself (in fact I encourage purchases that add joy to your life) and it's pain-free!
What Will Be Covered in the Course?

My course will:
  • Get you out of debt (painlessly) 

  • Leave you with money to spare at the end of every month 

  • Allow you to purchase everything you want and need 

  • Easily save for large purchase (house, wedding, holidays) 

  • Understand and easily manage investments (make money while you sleep) 

  • Effortlessly save for retirement 

  • All while living your best life RIGHT NOW (not putting off for the future!) 

This course is particularly helpful if you: 

  • Struggle with money 

  • Lack knowledge around how to manage your finances 

  • Have debt 

  • Aren’t good with numbers 

  • Don’t yet own your own home 

  • Long for a day when a huge sum of money will fall from the sky and land on your head but know that’s never going to happen 

I break down all principles very simply with easy to follow visual animations to explain the process and keep it more fun! Included are PDF resources to support each module and make it even easier to complete each action step.

Please note I am creating this primarily for a UK based audience. The examples and certain specific legalities are based on UK currency and law. However if you’re not based in the UK and you’re interested- the fundamental principles of the course are applicable to any currency, in any country, and you are more than welcome to my help and support :)

What Makes Me a Good Teacher?
I grew up in a single parent, low income family with no financial support and one burning desire- to be an actor! I started working and saving at the age of 13 and put myself through university AND drama school aged 19, all while working 5 jobs. I have learned the hard way how to earn and manage money, how to put every penny to its best use. My process was not painless- but I believe yours should be!

I've been teaching and training in drama for over 15 years, this process has given me a deep understanding of human psychology. My communication is simple and direct, and my teachings based on principles that real people can easily follow in their busy lives. Once you’ve taken this course your money will manage itself, leaving you free to focus on the important things in life!


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Money facts + discounted course

Pledge £20 to receive 3 PDFs of money facts, principles and simple action steps, an introductory video on how to manage your money and a 50% discount on the fully finished course- launches January!

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Participate in the testing!

Pledge £25 to have full access to the Beta version of this course! This test version is already created and I'm so excited about working with a limited number of people who can take the course in this test phase. You will have far more personal support taking this test version than those who wait for the full course, and the opportunity to offer feedback and help shape the final version, which you will also receive access to.

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Full Finished Course

Pledge £35 to have full access to the finished online course when it launches- 1st January 2022!

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Full Course + Private Coaching

Pledge £85 to be part of the beta testing trial course and receive 4 private zoom calls with me to further support your financial journey. I will work with you 1-1 to explore your financial goals, expand on principles covered in the course, and give further support to your progress. These pledgers will also receive access to the fully finished course on 1st Jan. Please note these are limited to 6 places only.

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