Money for my mum - a truly amazing woman

Money for my mum - a truly amazing woman

I'm David and I'm 17 living with my mum ,Sharon and sister maisie. My mum is really struggling and deserves a break and a little help.

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Hi,  my names David and I'm 17 years old living with my mum Sharon and sister maisie. My mum has worked all her life to support her kids, which I am eternally grateful for and is why I'd like to help her out.  As I earn very little money and it's being saved for uni I can't afford to treat this amazing woman who deserves the world. Although she won't admit it she's got lots of debt and struggles with even the basics like affording to buy food. She's constantly worrying about money and i would love to clear her debt and maybe give her a well deeerved holiday. My mum is honestly the most caring woman in the world. - she's  wiped people's bums for years for a living  and has been pooed on many a time !! So I think it's  her turn to be cared for so please help me out. I just want to see her happy and not constantly struggling.  Any donations are appreciated 

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