Money for motivation / Lyme disease fight

by Johnny Dybator in London, England, United Kingdom

Money for motivation / Lyme disease fight


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Money for herbs, bioresonance, dentist and food.

by Johnny Dybator in London, England, United Kingdom


My name is Igor I am 29 years old.

From half od 2015 I don't work cause of Lyme disease.

I had many miss diagnosis, up to 18th December 2018, so it's 3,5 year.

Before becoming ill I was very active.

Done sports, even on events, worked physically hard, even 84 hours a week.

Between half 2015 to half of 2018 my life was like a "pure nightmare"

Since I obtained a right diagnosis, I am fighting with this illness and I know that I have a right treatment, but I have a days that I don't have a money for food.

Curious is that I am an actor and I have many offers in this profession...

Any donation welcome.


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