Money for Merlin, the best dragon

by MagicalMerlin in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Money for Merlin, the best dragon


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I adopted a bearded dragon who turned out to be sick. His unexpected vet bills and needed equipment changes are now racking up.

by MagicalMerlin in Bromley, England, United Kingdom


I adopted Merlin and at the last minute was told he had early signs respiratory infection. Knowing his owner was about to go to uni I went ahead with the adoption. I'm now not convinced it was so early. We have already been to one emergency vet appointment and done one round of antibiotics. He's had upgraded and replaced bulbs but actually needs his UVB switched entirely to ensure it's strong enough in his size viv now that I've done more research. So I think it's going to end up costing more than I've even put as the goal (and am trying to raise funds myself too by selling some things). 

Reptiles do take longer to heal but I think it may have been more advanced too and is going to take more treatments to get him right. This is not money I can magic up at a time all of our bills are increasing and I'm living with chronic illnesses myself limiting my ability to just raise the money from somewhere.

He's been with me a couple of weeks now and I am of course besotted.


I am also absolutely dreadful at asking for help but someone mentioned doing this so I'm giving it a go with zero expectations. My animals are usually insured to avoid this scenario but you obviously can't insure a sick animal. Any help is appreciated. I'd like to go into his next appointment and be able to say do the xrays and bloods and swabs and whatever else is needed. I would also like to get him off paper towel, he's loving his dig box but clearly is expressing the desire to dig just everywhere and I want to give him that enrichment ASAP.

Thanks for reading. If you can't donate maybe share? My socials are tiny so sharing would be a massive help.

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