Money for equipment upgrade

Money for equipment upgrade

Trying to raise money to purchase some equipment to continue my passion in photography and video editing

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I'm 17 years old and i'm passionate  about photography and taking videos, editing them and making 'movies' and clips of holidays i recently went on a ski trip where i was able to take some beautiful pictures around Tignes. I am trying to raise £300 and myself and my family will put the rest of the money to purchase what is needed (Computer, various camera accessories)

I also recorded everyday about 20 minutes of skiing which will be used in the making of a skiing movie which i will be making myself the whole trip was filmed with a SONY RX100 MARK5 and a GOPRO HERO 4 which together cost me about £1000 which is quite a big amount for a 17 year old and i would like to purchase a good enough laptop or computer and camera accessories to continue my hobby and would help me build a portfolio to share my work around the world and create a little freelance i have about 5 years experience in video editing and photo editing (yes i started when i was 12 :D) and i am still doing it i have had multiple Youtube channels with a lot of different content going from Gaming to 'real life videos' and i would like to start one again with holidays and montages.

The  money raised will go to Camera accessories and a PC or Laptop which will help me with my passion and on the side school work (I study ICT so it is very important to have a decent machine).

If you fancy it, feel free to dontate. If you dont, thanks for taking your time to read a little bit about what I'm up trying to achieve. 


Thank you very much