Money CAN buy happiness

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Money CAN buy happiness


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people say money can’t buy happiness, but there wrong. I work hard everyday and still have nothing left to enjoy other than debt and misery

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

For years and years I have worked hard and have struggled with debt etc.  I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and I’m feeling useless as a parent as I’m not able to give my kids what they deserve.

I’m constantly asked questions as to why they can’t do what there friends do, or why can’t they have what there friends have.

Social media doesn’t help, as day in day out we all see people having fun, days out, holidays, great birthdays and Christmas.  We have nothing. Everyday is a struggle.

Christmas this year wasn’t the best, and I’d love the kids to have something to look forward to without being disappointed. 

I can’t remember the last time we had some proper fun, making memories without worrying. 

As a child, I remember going on family holidays, days out etc.. my kids have none of this as it’s all work, bills and no play.

Before bills mounted, we had our first and last property holiday as a family in 2008. This was cut short due to not one, not two, but three family/friend deaths within the space of 4 days. This was the holiday from hell.  

I’d love my kids to have another holiday before it’s too late, and before they all become adults and start their own ventures. 

By helping me raise funds, I can take my kids on one final last chance holiday and hopefully have funds left to help clear some of the debts that have been holding us all back for so many years.

I want my kids to be happy and I’d love to see a smile on their faces. I want my kids to stop worrying about my financial struggles, I just want them to be worry free and leave the heartache to me. 

Thank you for reading xx 

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