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I aim to improve the health & financial situation of small- scale miners & their families in Sierra Leone, West Africa, by monetisation.

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I want to help people in a very poor West African Country - Sierra Leone - which is still suffering from the effects of a 10-year civil war and Ebola. I can do this by stopping the exploitation of poor miners , their families and - in particular - their children - by ensuring they are paid the world market price for their gold. Thus ending the exploitation of these people - helping to lift them out of poverty and really improving both their lives and their life expectancy.

# these miners earn only  3 $usd a day ! It is scandalous !

There are also some life-threatening health issues to deal with . Small-scale & artinisal mining is still carried out using Mercury. Just watch this short video;-

I want to stop this. With your help I can. Your donation - however small - will stop children dying from mercury poisioning.

I, personally, have West African family relatives and I am passionate about helping those people far less fortunate than myself. All work will be carried out by me - on site in Sierra Leone.

And if I am lucky enough to raise additional funds - over and above my target - then I would try to help these miners and their families by improvements to their villages - in particular to their health, their living conditions and the village school.

All income and expenditure will be properly audited and I promise to match the sum raised - to double the donations received.
A regular newsletter will follow my progress in improving these people's lives.

# PLEASE HELP ME TO HELP THEM ! # many, thanks, Peter Murray


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A quarterly leaflet - showing in detail how the funds have been spent with photos & a video of the work carried out.

£50 or more

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African Visit

After the project figure is reached - then an official draw will be held at our Barnstaple Office so that one lucky person who has pledged money will be flown to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to see - first-hand - how the money pledged is being spent

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