Momma Renn's Kitchen

by Jennie Tucker in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

Momma Renn's Kitchen
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We want to open a healthy Bakery, providing organic and homegrown ingredients, including selling Fruit, Veg and fresh cut herbs daily.

by Jennie Tucker in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

I'm a Wife & Mom, I want to be able to make my mark on the world as a full-time Baker, as well as writing cookbook, as well as helping you build your own edible garden, with how to guides and videos. 

Momma Renns Mission is to open a Bakery, I want to be recognized for my desserts, but more so for my passion for being homegrown. As well as being filled with Fresh Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables. I would like to provide foods from all the Seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn, Especially for those special dates.....

*Easter, Christmas, Halloween, New Years, Birthdays, Anniversary, Christenings, and Weddings. 

Our promise to you. 

  • We will be using natural resources. 

  • We will be using homemade compost to recycle the waste we make. 

  • We will avoid producing waste, from food products, including our packaging, that we find a common concern for the food industry, especially bakery. Our goal is to become as green, wasteless and environmentally friendly as well as environmentally conscious as possible, we will be using BIO Degradable products. 

  • Where possible, our tools for the outdoors will be either donated or upcycled, these will be, but not limited to, Greenhouses, Plant pots/ containers for growing, etc. 

  • Monies provided to our cause will be purchase for used products and as we are becoming more earth and environmental friendly we will begin with equipment that needs rehoming and source our products all over, where every little penny counts, because we want the best from our food products, buying our seeds and getting the best taste is most important. Upcycling and reusing old materials has been proven that they are sometimes the better option to create the first steps of business and limited cash flow, will increase our uses and skills elsewhere within the business.

  • We're also sourcing a small allotted space to grow the ingredients.

First-term goal. 

To write a (How to Book/ Recipe Book) on how to be prepared when starting your own herb/veg plot/ garden, guiding our customers on years of knowledge and how to use herbs with herbal remedies. Also to guide you on becoming a healthier baker. We want people to find cookery/ baking a passion, not just a chore! Turning that Hobby into a skill. We will introduce you to our kitchen, join us in our pantry, including those’s Do’s & Don’ts when baking. We will provide full videos on our website with detailed instructions to follow and links to subscribe to our channel on youtube/ Instagram, etc. Giving hints and tips on where to find bargains for your greenhouses/ baking equipment and how to build simple veg plots with very easy steps/ including videos.

How we work, our research development. 

The Uk Market for bakery is increasing annually at 2%. However, there has been a rise in food production. Although there has been an increase in the artisanal products of 5%, So, We see that there is an industry rise throughout the UK of 6.5billion. Customers are wanting the fresh bread and the homegrown fruit and veg. People are increasing their shopping to buy at local farmers markets. The industry is growing so vast that we have to be able to support that with supplying great and tasty foods. Crumpets and Croissant are becoming highly desirable. We also have to take a look at the research development/ Market research and most importantly each of seasons of the year and why people want certain foods. There are around about 4,500 Bakers in the UK alone, including 27,000 people working in the baking industry. If you can support me, in this amazing journey, we will not only just include people in the UK but if we are able to expand we will be able to support local communities in Canada and the United States to also work alongside us, produce healthier and fresher foods. We will be able to produce a Network from one country to another. We will be able to grow the fruits/ vegetables and have them shipped. Our future is also about including jobs & strong employment, so our employees will be the face of Momma Renn's Kitchen. 


(Are they quick and easy?. 

Is it the right weather?.

Can we afford that?. 

Does it take long to cook?.) 


(These are the questions people ask themselves daily when cooking and we want to be that bakery that can supply the great food and show you how to do it).

Reason for Seeking funding is as a startup, and to reach customers who are interested in healthier eating, however, Still wanting the great foods at low costs and affordable amounts. We want real advertising from our plates, We're hoping to start a small business in the countryside, whilst increasing the availability of the business overseas in Vancouver/ Toronto/ Alberta/ Richmond/ Maple Ridge/ Langley Canada & the USA for the future, they are our long  5- 10-year term goals! 

Momma Renn's Kitchen is me a one-woman entrepreneur looking to take her skills from the kitchen to your table. 

I would like to thank everyone on here and worldwide who have taken the time to read our pitch and contributed. Even, if it's a penny, everything means the world. I hope that when this project hits off, that you shall visit us and remember, you too are all part of this amazing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Expansion and investment for the future. 

*Traveling means a lot, as a company we want to be able to show our strengths across the waters.

On completion of the Bakey doing well and completing its three-year targets, we want to look at expansion and going WEST, We want to look at Canada and the USA, we would love to be able to sell and even produce in Canada, have our own ranch with would be the heart and head office of Momma Renn's Kitchen. 

If these are some of the questions your wondering,

What if?

How are they going to do that?

How long is that going to take?

What is it going to do for others? 

Do they have targets set? 

Do they know enough about planting and regrowing of plants - in and outdoor?

How do they know what people want? 

Any questions that we are unable to answer on this pitch, we hope that you'll join us in the future and we will be able to answer them on via social sites and emails. 

I really hope that we have answered a few of your questions about us in our pitch along the way and hope you are able to support us. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more


I have written my own cookbook, So if you are interested in homemade cooking and what to try something a little different, then feel free to pledge your interest in buying one of my cookbooks are I'll get them sent out to you as soon as possible. We are hoping to write our second cookbook with the helping of the project.

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