Moments of Mass Mindfulness (MOMM)

by Moments of Mass Mindfulness in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Moments of Mass Mindfulness (MOMM)
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To collaborate, engage and inspire people to utilise the power of community, meditation and connection to make lasting, positive change.

by Moments of Mass Mindfulness in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Moments of mass mindfulness (MOMM) is a dynamic, independent and non-profit initiative.

MOMM’s global vision is to co-create compassionate communities through the active participation of inspired citizen action towards inner peace, harmony and unity in the world.


We now know that through the converging scientific evidence of interconnectivity at human, planetary, energetic and solar systemic levels that coherence is a key concept, which includes resonance, synchronization and interconnectedness ranging from physical and psychophysiological modes through personal and social coherence, to global interconnectivity.

noun [ U ] UK the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way
definition - the quality of forming a unified whole.  (Source - Cambridge Dictionary.)

The collaboration of MOMM with The HeartMath Institute (a research based non-profit organisation) is based on the intention of integrating the art of mindfulness and meditation with science and research on individual and collective coherence through the practice and awareness of emotional physiology and stress management. 

Social coherence (a short video)

Studies show that meaningful relationships with self, others and the world, are the main sources of happiness and vitality. When we come together with a shared intent of peace and harmony, we naturally amplify the coherence within and radiate out into the world. 



We realise the power of bringing people together in their communities or wherever people may be to experience mindfulness practices and connect together at the same time on the same day across the globe.

In May 2019, MOMM coordinated a global event, with individuals who were inspired to step up within their communities and gather:

  • We connected 52 countries 
  • 10.1k people &
  • 363 events that took place globally



The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on 21 September. MOMM will once again be organising a global MOMM and creating what we call the wave of peace. MOMM’s will be held at midday across the world in local timezones.

We have partnered with a number of non-profit organisations, such as The HeartMath Institute, Peace One Day and Campaign Non Violence to help expand our work across the globe.


We are building a model for social replication, enabling you to build a MOMM within your local community.

The essence of this community is to act as an amplifier and support free expression, create space to encourage and empower positive transformational shifts in self-awareness.

Your contributions will help MOMM continue the dynamic community initiative and expand ‘MOMM in Community’, empowering mindfulness and meditation based programmes in local communities and across the world. It will enable us to collaborate, engage and inspire people to utilise the power of community, meditation and connection to make lasting, positive change.

MOMM is a mass expression of peace and compassion in the midst of a world slipping further into separation and chaos, fear and mistrust. It is a demonstration of heart-felt action and connection, positive collaboration and a refusal to be divided.

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