Mollie's Wheelchair

Mollie's Wheelchair

I am raising money for an electric wheelchair to enable me to regain some independence, despite chronic illness cramping my style!

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £380 with 5 supporters in 14 days

 I have recently become very ill with M.E and Hypermobility (more info below) as well as having fits, which left me bedridden for a period of months, unable to study and at times even eat and drink. I began to improve with lots of support from family and friends, however recent problems with my mental health and pain from endometriosis have knocked me back to a stage where just standing is incredibly difficult and not safe due to the risk of fainting and falls. 

I am therefore using savings and raising money to purchase an electric wheelchair to enable me to get around both within the house (so I will never need to be carried to the toilet again!) and out, so I can enjoy the great outdoors once again, as my current very basic travel chair cannot be pushed on uneven ground, grass or in the wet. It would be brilliant to be able to enjoy the sunshine with my family, and have days out without further significant pain from an unsupportive chair. I am also hopeful that this will enable me to get back into studying and/or working again which I miss dearly, so I can begin to regain some independence. 

As I am 19 this month, funding has proved difficult as I am too old to recieve various charity grants for children, but too young for others. I am therefore relying on the generosity of local businesses along with friends and family to help me raise the money on my own.

I really really do appreciate any help, as every little bit really does add up. Thank you so very much.


Information on M.E/CFS and Hypermobility:

-90% of people with M.E have been forced to stop or drastically reduce paid work and social contact, while half have reduced or lost capacity to drive and a quarter being no longer able to leave their home independently, often remaining bed ridden. (Action for M.E) 

-M.E is a chronic condition of which the vast majority of people never recover from, categorised by extreme fatigue, digestive problems and constant flu-like symptoms.

-Hypermobility weakens the collagen in my body, causing pain and stiffness, fainting/falls, and increases the risk of injury.



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