Molke bras for everyone!

Help us achieve happy boobs for women all over the world! No more saggy, grey bras. We want women everywhere to know the comfort of Molke.

We did it!

On 15th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £10,700 of £10,000 target with 206 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

All extra money over our target will go towards growing the business further. More machines and beautiful fabric mean we can make more beautiful bras and stock up the online shop sooner.  Thank you!


We are a passionate manufacturer of women's breastfeeding friendly clothing and underwear. We have our own design protected bra pattern that we use in our already successful bra range, covering bra band sizes 26-46 and cup sizes A-M. Our bright and flattering nursing friendly clothing covers UK sizes 8-26. We believe that breastfeeding underwear and clothing need not be boring, dull or uninspiring. We believe that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to be catered for.

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The bra

Are you fed up with uncomfortable bras?  Bras that are grey and dull, leave you sore or have rubbish breastfeeding access? You need Molke! Women all over the world, women of all ages, have been finding the comfort that only a Molke bra can bring.  Primarily for breastfeeding mothers, these bras are also suitable for anyone who struggles to find a comfortable bra, often because of back pain or other health reasons.

The history

Molke was born when Kirsty wanted a bra, something comfortable, supportive, but without wires and that would allow breastfeeding access.  Two years ago the first rainbow bra was made, under her previous business name Billy Bums.  Since then the business has grown and grown, and now cannot meet customer demand.  Kirsty and Ros (who joined the team a year ago) realised they had to expand operations and move out of Kirsty's front room.  Today Molke has a new HQ, some fancy big sewing machines, lots of fabric and some amazing designs for breastfeeding clothing.

Why support us?

Molke is about more than the bras or clothing.  At Molke we want to support local economy, employing local machinists and offering flexible working hours that can fit around school runs and children.  We plan to be a living wage employer in 2018 and also to source as much as possible from the UK.  

The clothing

Everywhere you look on the high street there is a distinct lack of breastfeeding friendly clothing, and when you do find the odd black or navy item it is for maternity use too.  With Breton stripes!  What is with Breton stripes on everything for maternity and breastfeeding?!  We want funky colours, bright solids, and clothing we will feel happy in! We are working on a couple of key items initially, a hoody and a tunic.  Both have excellent breastfeeding access, and are also suitable for tandem feeding.  They are discreet for those who prefer a little cover, and will be great in the colder months when you want to keep warm whilst still being able to get a boob out!

Is Molke just for breastfeeding mothers? 

Not at all.  Whilst Ros and Kirsty are passionate about breastfeeding and supporting women in their breastfeeding journey, Molke is for everyone.  We have a really dedicated non breastfeeding customer base too which goes to prove that you don't have to have milk to wear Molke.   Many women wear Molke bras everyday, using the bright colours under their tops to add a splash of colour to their outfit.   Join the bra revolution today and Molke it!  

What we need

We already have some machines in place, staff due to start soon and the new HQ set up.  We are almost there.  For the final push we need to raise £10,000 to buy more machines, develop the clothing range and make Molke available to everyone.

Please email us at to discuss sizing.  Check out the Boob or Bust calculator here.

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