Molesey Muslim Foundation

Molesey Muslim Foundation

1. 6 Laptops 2. Hall hire for the year 3. Office space for the year

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are an organisation that provides education for children, community cohesion projects and inter faith dialogue. We are a start up charity that require your help, not only to make this charity a success but to bring about chnage through community cohesion projects and interfaith dialogues.  

1. We need 6 laptops to help with our after school sessions for interactive learning, aiding the teachers.

2. We use chadlers field school hall for our current activities, to redirect our very limited funds to improve our wider projects, we are appealing for hall hire costs.

3. With every organisation, we need to be housed, and hence are appealing for funds to aquire space within Molesey, this will become our base.