Modernised cultural clothing

The aim of this project is to build awareness of culture in the fashion industry. Your usual fast fashion trends signifies just that. Style.

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Truly Yours Design (TYD) by Nicole B is an up and coming exciting new clothing line focusing on modernising cultural clothing. The initial stage of this process will prioritise women garments but more specifically african design prints. As the brand grows I will expand my target audience and fashion range, by including menswear and other cultural trends such as Asian and Native American textiles. One of the materials I will be using is Named Ankara fabric, comprising of both Holland and Dutch wax. Other sources of materials include silk and natural linen made from flax. I have chosen these materials to provides timeless yet durable pieces which will allow individuals to flaunt the beauty of their garments consistently due to it’s longevity. My designs consists of a variety of pieces, from dresses to tops, jumpsuits and trousers. Each of them will represent an element of culture symbolism from the patterns used, however my plan it to ensure it is trendy and appealing to everyone. I feel as though this is something which has not been fully recognised in the fashion industry, and that once individuals become acquainted with this, they will potentially embrace they concept and style.

I have become accustomed to the latest UK fashion trends due to influences in the industry. However, I still very much keeping in touch with my culture, which has evolved. This gave me an idea regarding ‘modernising cultural clothing’. To bring out the beauty of ‘old-fashioned’ traditional materials, through the enhancement of in-trend styles. I believe that being able to establish your own fashion brand, while staying consistent is formed by knowing and being aware of the current hot-spot trends, and being able to add your own features/ideas to these designs, in order to make it even more catchier and personal. By adding your own personal touch it makes it unique, thus you have to be aware of your individual style. The garments have to represent your personality. Mine shouted out edgy, chic. As mentioned before, one of the materials I am utilising is Ankara fabric, which holds beautiful bold colours.


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