Modelling Portolio

Modelling Portolio

To pay off company for my modelling portfolio

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I recently had a modelling assessment and I passed... so now I'm contracted my Fashion Model Management. The shoot was done by an indepedent photgraphy company who gave me the option to buy my portfolio. They wanted £1000 for it and I couldn't afford that... I hardly had 10p to my name right now let alone £1000. Nonetheless, the agency still received my pictures  but for me to actually get jobs, I need to pay off my portfolio cost... or else I'm spending most of my jobs paying it off. 

I'm an A2 student who just applied to study Medicine. I don't have time to go back into retail to raise funds for this as I don't want to jeoperdize my final year of study but I still need to finance myself... hence modelling.

Please help.