Model Connections Business

Model Connections Business

I am starting up a new business called Model Connections - A website hosting package for models to display their portfolio and gallery

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am starting up a new business called Model Connections - This is a website with membership for models that will display their own gallery of unlimited photos, portfolio and social media links.  They will get casting calls and employment opportunities via a membership page.  For the model it will be a one stop shop for models as they will get discounts from registered businesses such as photographers, hairdressers, make up artists.  The discounts could be up to 25% from companies.

Businesses will get free advertising in the magazine if they agree to give our paid members a discount.  This will encourage them to register for free as they will get custom direct from Model Connections Models and from other sources as they get

Models also get the chance to be model of the month and also be a front cover shot.  There will be model workshops around the country with photo shoots, at a cost but hevily discounted for members.  There will be "connection evenings" around the country where models can meet theses registered businesses and see what each other has to offer. 

There will be Fashion Shows where univerities will participate withe Model Connections to get students involved, designing clothing then displaying them on the site and at shows.

There is much more that we will be doing with model connections.  The website and magazine is their to view, please look the "join us" and click and see how models and businesses can join.   Fce book and twitter is part of the fron page as you hover the mouse over and swipe to the left.  PLEASE look at the website and interactive magazine as this is a great project that needs to be launched.