Mobility scooter, rise and recline, house work

by Graham mason in Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

Mobility scooter, rise and recline, house work
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Due to being ill, replacement shoulder, broken back and other medical conditions i have not been able to leave the house for 12 months.

by Graham mason in Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

With the genourosity of the public i am hoping to finally be able to leave the house after being house bound for 12 months. My mobility is not good and the house i live in is not suitable for my needs. I really need your help to be able to afford a mobility scooter so i can reclaim my independence and finally get out the house. Also i desperately need alterations to the house such as hand rails throughout the house, need to finish a downstairs shower room as i have run out of money and also ramps for me to be able to leave and eneter the house. This really is my final chance at being able to regain my health and wellbeing as my mental health is suffering alot from being stuck in the house. Please find it in your heart to help me even if you can only give pennies it will all add up! Thank you for reading and please help in anyway you can. Graham.

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