Mobile Trade - Recycling Mobile Handsets

Mobile Trade - Recycling Mobile Handsets

I aim to collect investments to help grow my small business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

At the Mobile Trade I take faulty, broken, unwanted mobile phones, completely refurbish them and give them a new home.

I believe in product recycling to minimise our impact on the environment and to encourage people to realise their effect on the world.

I'm raising money to kickstart my small business and give it a real chance at success. I've ran my own company for nearly 6 months now and it's  growing bigger and bigger everyday. However as with all business I need a boost to push me further.

The money raised will help me to establish a small office and workspace (I currently work out of a small bedroom). The money will also allow me to invest more with my current suppliers. Although I have established good relationships with my suppliers I don't have the capital to really push my business further.