Mobile mechanic service

Mobile mechanic service

1 man band dreaming of going big, work out the back of my wife's vehicle and want a nationwide business with a known name that's trusted

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I was laid off about a year ago and have been working out of my wife's car doing homers here and there trying to make ends meat, I wish to start my own business which will lead to a franchise and want to take on the big boys like Halfords and Kwik fit and be the first national chain that offers real life pricing, quality customer service and show the UK that not all garage owners are lying cheats trying to steal your hard earned cash. 


With the money raised I will open a flag ship garage and show that I am loyal and trustworthy and all mechanics will be vetted, they wont be rewarded on the amount of work they generate but the customer satisfaction they receive, unless they get 5 stars in their feedback and return customers then they won't make annual bonuses. From this I will open more garages and prove further that my business can take on the larger organisations that are only interested in making millions and not carrying out the work or even worse lying about what needs done. 


I am passionate about customer service and believe that is more important than having people with a bad taste in their mouth after having their vehicle repaired. I will offer a money back gurante if not fully satisfied.