mobile catering service

by Dominic Moore in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

mobile catering service
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Establish healthy options mobile catering to compete against burger vans, and win.

by Dominic Moore in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

Burgers vans have featured for many years at locations such as DIY carparks, boot sales, outdoor events etc.

The trade area generates significant income if the right demographics are targeted.

My plan is to turn this burger trade upside down by providing a healthy alternative to what is being provided at this time. Options of burgers and other fast food with be available, but food sourcing will be secured locally, advertising and promoting local produce. Healthy eating with be the main objective. 

It's really saying to people yes you can have a burger, with all the taste, it's just made slightly different, with slightly different ingredients but with a massive reduction in all the bad bits.

Having vegetarian options beyond a salad. GF options, the list is endless. Once one van is established and proven to draw trade away from traditional burger vans. The price will be the same or near to, the products with be healthier. 

As the business expands for more vehicles, overheads for local produce with reduce.

There are thousands of businesses who no longer provide catering services in a move to save costs.

Yet these businesses do have large carparks. At no cost the these organisations critering services can be provided within the carparks area, providing a wide range of hot and cold products.

Having a captured audience, providing healthy food, at a price that is attractive, customers will come. 

I truly believe in this idea, by helping me on the first steps will  give me the opportunity to develop this and grow the business to the become the main service supplier across Essex in 5 years.

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