Mobile Car Servicing - Leicestershire

Mobile Car Servicing - Leicestershire

To find backers for this unique business idea.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The idea behind the project is simple - to visit the home or workplace of people that require a service for their car.

We offer, and specialise in, the most basic yet most important part of vehicle maintenance - the oil and filter change. 

We live in busy times and many people simply have a schedule that is too busy to book their car into a garage, drop it off, walk home and all of the other associated hassles.

Now, using Mobile Car Servicing - Leicestershire, customers can book a service with a few simple clicks and then carry on with their lives as normal whilst we look after their car.

We see the idea as being comparable to that of Mcdonalds in the fifties - cut costs, confusion and hassle - make it easy and enjoyable for the customer.

 This page is set-up to raise money for new tools, a fresher looking livery on the van and to grow the business into other areas. The dream is to franchise it - but that will hopefully come later.

Backers are offered to come forward and discuss potential ownership ideas. 

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