Mobile Advertisement Space that moves through UK

Mobile Advertisement Space that moves through UK

We are a green fleet provider for our business partners, that offers the space on the fleet to place advertisement, for our customers

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

German Krauts Limited ... what we are doing ?

We want to provide our business partner with a fleet of similar electrical cars, for their fleet of PAYE Drivers. The Drivers use at the moment their own conventional vehicle to do their food delivery job. The fleet will be business insured, comes with full covered energy costs, the right to deliver hot and cold food, breakdown cover, full service and GPS-Tracking system. So our business partners profit from a clean, always up to date, and trackable fleet. They can offer solutions to the consumer that orders food on their online platform and can track at least where the food is moving in real time!

The fleet that is planed will include the following vehicles:

Renault Zoe, Volkswagen e-Up, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF

We finance that through two different ways:

1. We earn for each delivery that will be made with our vehicles 1.00 £ from the driver that uses the car. Planed is with up to 4 deliveries per each hour of use. Each car has a estimated time of use each day of 20 hours.

2. We rent our mobile advertisement space, on our fleet, to our customers to an annual and design based fee, to place their information. Every design change will be charged extra.

What can you be part of it ...

Our business partner, Valk Fleet UK Limited, has contract with hungryhouse UK, Just Eat UK, BurgerKing UK, Subway UK and so on to deliver their food to their United Kingdom customers. The fleet you can fund is the fleet that delivers the food for all this restaurants in the whole UK. You can be part of a milestone in fastfood order and delivering in the 21. century!

We all cooporate together to deliver your ordered food secure, hot or cold and just in time to your side!

Also we provide a solution to our planet, because with our solution we get conventional cars from the street and put clean 100% electrical vehicles on the street. This fleet moves with 0 emission of CO2 through our urban area in the United Kingdom.

For what will your Money be used ...

The 700,000.00 £ is the calculated needing, for the start with 20 vehicles in Nottingham. Included in this amount is the fleet investment, the current costs for salary for staff, office, car park, insurance, energy costs and the repaymet for the loan for the first year. After the start with the first 20 vehicles we are able to trade by us self and grow up to a fleet of approximately 1000 and more electrical cars that moves 20 hours a day and 365 days a year through urban areas around the United Kingdom and deliver food for all our happy customers from their favourite restaurant to their door. All this with a green fleet. 100% electric, no CO2 emission, no dust, no noise, wrapped with nice advertisement to inform the citizen of United Kingdom

Why we use crowdfunding ...

We are two, just in August 2015, immigrated German guys, that have no active credit score in the United Kingdom. So it is not that easy to get an loan from an Bank for us. But we think our idea is great and all calculations that we have considered shows a good profit. For the nature, for our business partners, for their customers, for our customers, our suppliers and also for us a great deal, a win win situation for all involved groups. So we try to get the money on this platform ... to make "German Krauts Limited" real and to a big company with the option one of the biggest employeer in various locations in the UK but based in Nottingham to be.We offer every high Investment from 5000 up to 700000 £, a loan contract with a running time of 3 years and a annual interest rate from 17.5%-25%, for their investment in future technology and a clean United Kingdom.If you need further information, like our business plan and some other useful documents, before choise an pledge, do not hesitate to contact us through the provided details on our website :

Or maybe you are interested on a silent partnership or similar ... contact us ... nothing is impossible ...