MMO Game Idea

MMO Game Idea

Im here to get funding to build THE MMO youve been wanting

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

So im a gamer like many people out there and im getting tired of buying the game at £50 then being locked out by the game and needing to buy a season pass to access it. 

My project is a brand new game that you can create a character and sink many long hours and not have after a year those hours be wasted because the game is dead or something. Im here to create a game where we can build a community and have this game dominate all other games. 

So whats my idea? I dont want to give away the Story but the game will be a First /third person shooter MMO. The world will be contently changing.

The Game from launch will have. 

1. Player Housing

2. PVP 8 Vs 8 and also small scale PVP such as 3 Vs 3 

3. Hard 16 player Raid 

4. Seasons for PVP 

5. Gear. So when creating your character you will choice if you want to be a healer or DPS or tank and then you will need to gear your character such as WOW

6. Daily Quest 

7. Achievements.

8. Mounts 

9. Dungeons 

10. Guilds

11. and many other great things 

Each month the game will get new content such as new gear or a new raid or new PVP maps. 

As a gamer i have being picking from all the best games out there and i plan to mix all the best parts and create this amazing game you and i will come to love. 

We hope that you will fund our project we are trying not to give to much away so i apologise if it seems like i havent said much about the project. 

We will do weekly sit downs on twitch to talk about what you guys want/ need added to the game.