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Trying to build a 4mx4m gym room to keep my equipment dry and to have somewhere to train my clients and help even more people if possible.

by in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

So i started my Home PT Business a year ago due to Covid19, i have turnt my life around for the better, i am a family man trying to help as many people as possible all through this lockdown year who have been suffering with fitness, or eating badly to not just physically but mentally wellbeing, I love to help all if i can and have always supported local business or friends in need. 

My business has been so so hectic and working long hours with alot of effort in to it to try and keep going, keep helping people and even when lose time with my family i live with. 

I always try to help with advice or being there for everyone no matter what it may be and now i really need a little help for me.

Every penny i have earnt in the last year has been invested back for more equipment to help even more clients and i have not earnt a penny myself or given a wage.

The plan is from some Quotes from builders i am looking at approx £4000 to build a base and building with insulation 4m x 4m , all i have purchased is some bifold doors to go up for the entrance, I simply cannot afford to just go ahead with this at the moment the way it is and really would be a dream come true to have someone start and do this for summer and especially the winter as all my equipment is getting ruined in the rain and bad weather.

I have purchased several kazebos and tried alot of ways to cover up and keep dry or warm but the uk weather just keeps breaking it all and is no good.

So if i can get this dream room done i would also like a small pc desk and chair to help me work also as currently i sit on the floor leaning on a weight bench to do paperwork and plans etc and with the long hours i put into this i too am getting run down and tired and burnt out myself. 

I know alot of people are so much worse off than i am and i feel bad and help as much as i can i always feel beter when i can help others big or small, single people to big outlets, i have supported alot of struggling business on here also including peoples causes to cheltenham town fc / aquavita and so on, Anyone needing a like or share on FB or instagram i always try to help. 

I currently have a couple giveaways im trying to raise some with also but im a long way off so every little will help as if this dream room comes true i will also need gym matting etc also but i cant think about that atm .

I really do have the best family and friends but most of all my lovely clients past and present who have also become some of my best friends i could of ever asked for. Even if dont have alot of money or things to give they always message me also to see how i am doing and feeling and like/share/tag my business pages and posts and i am forever greatful also donating lovely prizes to help me raise some pennies towards this.

If i can get help with this i know thousands of people in this community will also benefit also in all different ways possible. 

I already keep my prices very very low compaired to gyms and gym PT's just due to the fact i love helping even more people and also the people that have always dreamed of having a personal trainer to help or motivate in private if feeling bad going to a gym to start with and just simply cannot afford to have one. 

The sad faces and way people come to me feeling really does make me want to cry and i have also been in thier situation myself i feel thier sadness, i feel thier anger, i feel thier pain but most of all i got through it and i know i can help them too, when i get the lovely reviews and comments and feedback from clients to thier parents or even school teachers it brings a tear to my eye especially when i see them change with me and become so so happy and opens up a whole new person from deep inside. 

If anyone can help in any way from builders to materials to donating money to do this or even a free like and share on fb or some kind words to help i will forever be in your debts . Thank you again all again and keep safe lots of love mark @ 

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