MKTB - Making The Magazine

MKTB - Making The Magazine

Digital online publication which aims to document the fashion, arts and creative culture of Muslims, People of Colour and those around them

We did it!

On 2nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £215 with 18 supporters in 28 days

Have you ever wanted to try something but found the odds heavily against you?

Or you've had an idea but no clue where to start? Maybe you just wanted reassurance that you were on the right path?

I can totally relate.

This month I've given myself the difficult task of launching the first issue of a high fashion magazine in 30 days. My name's Ni'mah and I'm the founder of Creative Consultancy Brimah + John. With help from my friends Bukola and Safeeyah we aim to rally together our network of talented Creatives, the general community and possibly the world in order to create MKTB.

MKTB /mak-toob/, meaning "It's written", will be a digital online publication documenting the fashion, arts and creative culture of Muslims, PoC and those around them.  

According to the 2015-2016 State of the Global Islamic Economy Report*, Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230bn on clothing, estimated to reach $327bn by 2019. ‘Muslim Fashion’ is reportedly one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors, estimated to be worth more than £200 billion by 2020** .

At present there are no magazines or even online publications comparable to the  likes of i-D, Vogue, W or Dazed operating within this industry.

Crazy right?

Additionally, the distinct lack of diversity within mainstream fashion and media means it's necessary to rectify this and develop a platform which caters to and represents these  voices.

"So why in 30 days?", I hear you ask.

Well, quite simply to prove (to myself mainly) that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Filmmaker Safeeyah will be documenting our whole journey which we hope to share along with the launch of our first issue. Regardless of where our journey takes us, we hope to inspire others to "just do it".  That idea, that dream, whatever it is; just start and take it from there.

Wait, there's more!

Maybe because I thrive well under pressure or find that challenges make everything more exciting lol; but there's an extra catch: we're starting with £0 in the bank.


Our plan 

To use the networks we have built from our years in the creative industry, appeal to people in our community, local businesses, friends, family and social media to raise funding and pool resources.

Our efforts don't end once we've completed the challenge however, we plan to make the magazine a monthly publication. Our long term aim is to create more jobs and a space for creatives through the magazine, particularly within B.A.M.E communities.

Growing up I believed there wasn't a space for me in the creative industry. Not only did I find it hard to convince my parents, but I also found it difficult to convince myself to travel down this unconventional path. Seeing people like me, doing what I dreamed of on social media played a large part in quelling the negative voices in my head. However those people are far and few and there are many more young creatives like I who need to know, "they can do it too". 

The £3,000 raised will be spent on the purchase of equipment and software, the various hires such as studio, photographers, graphic designers along with other freelance creatives and on travel and accommodation costs for the team and volunteers, so we are able to encourage participation from creative talent and influencers outside of London.

Our stretch goal of £5,000 is to cover unforeseen costs and allow us to start working on issue 02.

Very often we're told if there's no space for you, make space. So excuse us, we're coming through. 



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