Mission Thailand 2018
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help those that have been trafficked into the sex industry, the poor and set up a Christain based organisation - Long-term for all!

by Reverend Philip Cartlidge in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Having worked in many countries dealing with poverty and hard situations, we recently was in Thailand and it broke our hearts seeing and hearing people that had been working, some by choice, some not by choice, in the sex industry and how without help it is impossible for them to get out until they are of no use anymore or worse. 

We also saw the poverty and extreme situations that many are in and made a prayer-full decision to become full-time missionaries in Thailand. Due to the laws and visa situations, we would need to be of some value and have some finances behind us so we could purchase a building, bring Thai people into work with us, so we would become a refuge for victims that wish to leave the sex industry, be a venue that is safe for the poor and orphaned children.

Being a Pastor, we would set up a small church to give people hope and courage to come out of there situation, into a new life and a new way to face their problems, this would then be used all other days training and teaching people how to make their lives better. 

We would teach Thai people, English, Computer Skills, teach Life Skills and other things, so they can find a way to bring in an income to support themselves without turning to drugs or the adult industry. 

This is a long-term goal and we would need ongoing support, you can by going to our website see that we are well trained in these things: www.decisiontimeministries.co.uk and that we are doing them in a Godly manner to bring about change in peoples lives. 

Therefore, I ask all that see this Crowdfunding project to join us, by supporting us and making this vision possible. 

We would fully immerse our selves into the culture and country and learn the Thai Language to become effectively, in a way, Thai! Therefore being able to help more people, because we would no longer be a foreigner, we would be one of them.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about our vision for Thailand. 

God Bless You 

Pastor Phil Cartlidge

Decision Time Ministries. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5,000 or more

Plaque of honour

For every donation of £5000, we would place your photo and name on the walls our premises we have out there.

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